Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #2 — North America

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #2 — North America

We breakdown all the action from Week Two of the DPC in NA.

Week Two of the DPC in NA wrapped up a few hours ago, we take a look at how things played out across both divisions.

Lower Division

The Cut were on fire this week. After taking their Week One series against Electronic Boys, they came into Week Two with a taste for success. And taste it they did, taking out Arkosh Gaming in a pair of brutal stomps. Following it up with a 2-1 victory over Jiang Hu later in the week.

It was a rough time for Arkosh this week, losing out on their second series too. With Simply TOObased taking the win in their match up; 2-1.

Things were looking up for Team DogChamp though. After a rough Week One, they managed to secure a win for themselves against Electronic Boys this week.

Last but not least, felt are still looking strong in Week Two, taking their second victory so far in their 2-0 series against the Byzantine Raiders.

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Upper Division

It was all two-game series this week in the Upper Division.

Quincy Crew are continuing to look strong. They took down 4 Zoomer’s 2-0 in their series this week. QC haven’t lost a series so far, placing them alongside Evil Geniuses and Undying – both teams are also ending Week Two undefeated.

EG wiped the floor with Black N Yellow during their series. Taking both victories in under 30-minutes to secure the win.

Undying also had an easy run against 5 Man Midas. They shut down Game Two in  25-minutes and tucked another victory under their belt.

The A-Team has definitely had a tough start to Season 1. They didn’t manage to take home anything last week, and this week spelled a similar story.

They lost their second series of the week to S A D B O Y S, 2-0, after falling to 4 Zoomers on Week Two’s opening day.

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Highlight Series:  4 Zoomers vs A-Team

4 Zoomers opened Week Two with a blistering 17-minute stomp against A-Team.

This game saw a standout performance from Nico “Gunnar” Lopez in mid. He went 12/0/10 during this bloodbath. Down in bottom lane, ocean also put in work on Rubick, assisting his team in securing 15 of their kills, and landing the final blow on 6 himself.

While our second game saw a bit more life from AT, it was still all over by the 40-minute mark.

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There were some fantastic plays coming out on the part of the Zoomers. And despite best efforts, A-Team couldn’t hold a candle to it. They secured victory with a 24-kill lead.

There's still plenty of action to be had in the DPC as our regions all move into Week Three of competition. Stay tuned to ESTNN for all the highlights!

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