Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #2 — CIS

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #2 — CIS

Here are the latest results in one of Dota 2's most interesting regions.

The CIS Dota 2 region is really fun to watch, especially during the last two years. Currently, both the Upper Division and the Lower Division offer loads of action, but we already have a few teams that definitely stand out compared to everyone else.

Lower Division

It is safe to say that the CIS Lower Division is probably the most interesting one out of every region. Some of the teams here are way better than the rest, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are dominating the group. Perhaps the best example is HellRaisers, a team that completely changed its roster and looks really strong right now.

One of the most interesting series this week was between Winstrike and Gambit. These two teams were also considered to be among the favorites. In fact, Gambit Esports is often referred to as one of the best CIS Dota 2 teams ever. Sadly, it seems like things are not going in their favor because they already have two losses.

After losing against PuckChamp last week, Gambit also lost against Winstrike. The series had tons of back and forth action but in the end, Anton “dyrachyo” Shkredov and his teammates were able to snatch the victory.

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The second series that everyone was waiting for was between VP. Prodigy and B8. 2020 was not the best year for Dendi’s roster, which is why the fans really hoped that this would be their time to rebound. Unfortunately, they couldn't quite do so and went down 0-2 to VP. Prodigy.

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Perhaps the most anticipated series in the Upper Division was between Virtus.Pro and Live To Win. Both of those teams are considered to be among the favorites, but judging by what happened, VP definitely has an advantage.

The CIS powerhouse was able to easily rip through its enemies, especially in game two. The first game of the series was more intense because neither team was able to get a clear lead over its opponent. However, VP’s roster eventually took over and didn’t allow Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi and his teammates to win.

In game two, VP basically out drafted their opponents, which is why it took them just 31 mins to win. Their BM + Batrider combo proved to be really strong against LtW’s Slark.

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Highlight Series: Team Spirit vs No Techies

This was the last series in CIS this week and it was definitely one of the most intriguing ones. So far, Team Spirit is one of the teams that caught everyone by surprise. Thanks to their excellent performance, they have a solid chance to exit the group as winners.

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However, things didn’t go in their favor during the first game of the series. Despite picking some of the best heroes in the meta, TS was unable to utilize its roster’s full potential. Consequently, NT was able to take game one.

Despite the loss, Team Spirit was able to bounce back in game two after a flawless performance. Thanks to their Storm Spirit, the CIS powerhouse was able to equalize the series and push it into a final game three.

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NoTechies tried to steal a page of TS’s book, which is why they picked Storm Spirit for themselves. Although they had some trouble during the laning stage, Abdimalik “Malik” Sajlau and co. managed to win several team-fights in a row, which gave them a big advantage. Slowly but steadily, their core heroes snowballed out of control and eventually became too strong for Team Spirit.

In the end, NT delivered their knock-out punch and secured themselves the first victory in the series.

Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #2 — CIS
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