Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #1 – South America

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #1 – South America

There was plenty of action during the first week of games in South America, we break it all down here.

Ever since Beastcoast made history in 2019 as the first South American team to place in the top 8 at a TI the region has been heating up in competitive Dota. Which means there’s plenty of exciting series to be had across both divisions.

Lower Division

Our Lower Division series had plenty of moments where the region’s fresh faces got a chance to shine.

Peruvian team Hokori opened Week One with a bang. Taking their fellow countrymen in Incubus Gaming on a ride. Hokori came in swinging in Game One, but Incubus managed to take control of the second game in the series. (Thanks in no small part to mimi’s Mars.) But when Game Three came, Hokori gave it their all, sitting pretty with a 13-kill lead and securing their first win of the week, 2-1.

But things didn’t look all bad for Incubus, they managed to close out their first week with a clean 2-0 victory over Gorillaz-Pride.

That said, Gorillaz tasted their fair share of Week One wins as well, taking down Brazilian team Crewmates in an absolute stomp. Gorillaz ran right over the boys from Brazil, with a kill lead of 24 in Game One and 34 in Game Two.

In another Peru vs Peru match up, 0-900 fared well in the first week. Beating Inverse 2-1 in another three-game series.

While Costa Rican team, Infinity Esports, took their series against Mad Kings in a clean 2-0 sweep.

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Upper Division

Our Upper Division games went mostly as expected, with Beastcoast taking both of their series against Team Unknown and EgoBoys.

Brazilian squad SG e-sports put up a gruelling fight against NoPing. They were a commanding force on the field in Game One. But NoPing really made them work for the win, taking Game Two in a 60-minute slog. Unfortunately, SG managed to wrest back dominance for the third and final game; ending the series 2-1.

Infamous and Thunder Predator faced-off, the two teams have come up against each other more than a few times in regional competition. So far, Infamous seem to have the upper hand in the match-up, taking TP down in a quick 2-0 victory.

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Highlight Series: EgoBoys vs Latam Defenders

It was a rough week for EgoBoys, they also lost out against Latam Defenders; 2-1.

This series seemed like it could go either way. Latam had a strong start, with 47-kills to EgoBoys 20 at the end of Game One. But EgoBoys looked like they were bringing it back, taking Game Two in a quick and dirty 20-minute stomp.

Still the Defenders had a goal and they weren't about to give up on it. Game Three saw them establish control of the net worth early on and keep up the pressure to finally take the win at 41-minutes.

Latam celebrated the win on Twitter in a tweet that translates; “We started on the right foot in the Upper Division! We took a victory against Egoboys 2-1. GGWP

The Defenders were formed in late 2020, and boast some of the regions top talent on their roster. Thomas Jaulis “Valqui” Romero has a long history of pro-competitive play. He’s previously played for Gorillaz-Pride, Infinity and EgoBoys.  And he’s not the only ex-EgoBoys member on the roster; Jeanpierre Rivera “Aretes” Perez played for the team last year before signing with Latam.

Feature Image: Beastcoast

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