Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #1 – North America

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap #1 – North America

With plenty of fresh blood and re-worked rosters, the North American region is looking stronger than ever.

Despite sporting plenty of talent, NA teams have always played under the shadow of the EU goliaths, but that’s all changed with the new DPC format.

Lower Division

Newcomers SimplyTooBased had a nice run in Week One, managing to win both of their series. Their first match-up against the Byzantine Raiders showed them in good form, taking the victory 2-0.

Their second match against Team DogChamp was a bit more difficult to pull off. DogChamp gave them a run for their money in Game Two, surprising everyone by securing the win at 28-minutes. But STB came back into Game Three ready to close the deal. And close it they did, taking their second series 2-1.

Despite their best efforts, TeamDog Champ came out of Week One without any wins under their belt. They lost their first series of the week too, with Arkosh claiming the victory in that one.

Team Jiang Hu and felt also had a nice back and forth in their series. While felt ended up coming out on top, Jiang Hu performed solidly in Game Two. All in all, this series was a nice, even match-up.

The Cut also managed to score themselves a victory, beating out Electronic Boys in their series 2-0.

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Upper Division

The NA Upper Division is chock full of excellent teams, with old and new faces a plenty.

Regional favourites Evil Geniuses managed to come out on top of Week One. They won both of their series against S A D B O Y S and 4Zoomers; 2-1. Still, no doubt Arteezy and his crew would have preferred a slightly smoother run. Their second game against 4Z was a 60-minute slog, and S A D looked like they had EG’s number in Game One of their series.

S A D B O Y S have recently returned to the Dota 2 scene after a six-year hiatus, with original roster members Clinton “Fear” Loomis and Peter “ppd” Dager returning to lead the new team.

New team Undying had a nice start to their season as well, securing an easy 2-0 victory over the A-Team. Both teams were formed for the 2021 DPC Season. But Undying seemed to have the greater synergy with MoonMeander, Bryle and DuBu all with plenty of tournament experience under their belts.

Quincy Crew also performed well in Week One, coming out victorious over 5ManMidas in their series.

Although over all, 5ManMidas had a tough Week One to contend with, and like Team DogChamp, they ended it without a win to their name.

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Highlight Series: Black N Yellow vs 5ManMidas

Black N Yellow came out on top during the NA Closed Qualifiers, so it was definitely going to be interesting seeing them in their first official DPC match.

Things started off on uneasy footing in Game One, with 5MM closing it out before the 40-minute mark.

But BNY came back in Game Two with a vengeance, seizing control of the net worth early and holding out despite lots of pressure from 5MM’s side. Ryoya managed to net himself 12-kills on Puck this game. As well as assisting BNY in securing 16 more.

By Game Three Black N Yellow had found their groove, closing the series with a 2-1 win. We saw some impressive moves from the brand-new NA contenders; FrancisLee managed to rack up a massive 59-assists during this series. We’re definitely eager to see how they’ll play next.

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