Dota 2 Broodmother Guide – Make Enemies Crawl to Their Death

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Dota 2 Broodmother Guide – Make Enemies Crawl to Their Death

You can make your enemies crawl to their death in Dota 2 while playing Broodmother. 

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Muerta, the latest addition to the Dota 2 roster is encouraging millions of players to implement new strategies to win their matches. She promises to make your games more enjoyable with your friends in 2023 as Muerta is on her way to becoming one among the most picked heroes in Dota 2. 

Agility heroes can be effective against Muerta to counter the carry hero in the recent 7.32 E update. Players can choose Agility heroes to get several kills with their physical attacks to gain more points for the Dead Reckoning. Agility heroes like Broodmother can drastically reduce the movement speed of enemy heroes in battles to prevent them from escaping. 

Take a look at how you can make your enemies crawl to their deaths with Broodmother to win the Dead Reckoning with the Agility hero. 

Broodmother – Hatch Spiderlings to Make Your Enemies Retreat 

Broodmother uses Insatiable Hunger to get more kills

Broodmother is an Agility hero with several spells that can deal damage to enemy heroes. The melee hero can Spin Webs around the map to move freely among trees and jungles. She can deal bonus damage to her opponents with her physical attacks and hurl projectiles at enemies to chase them to the deaths. Broodmother can Spawn Spiderlings from fallen enemy units to create an army of her own in Dota 2. 

Many people choose Broodmother to counter carry heroes using the melee hero. She can Spawn Spiderlings with her ulti to destroy enemy units by dealing 420 damage to them. Enemy units killed by Broodmother’s ulti give rise to 6 Spiderlings that have a health of 320. These spiderlings can last for up to 40 seconds. Her ulti, Spawn Spiderlings, has a cooldown of 7 seconds and consumes 120 mana to be used per cast. 

The hatched spiderlings can be used for a variety of different purposes in the game while playing Broodmother. You can control spiderlings that are spawned from enemy units to attack enemy creeps, heroes, and towers. The increased health of these spiderlings allow Broodmother to strike her enemies without taking considerable damage during battles. 

She can cast Silken Bola on enemy units to slow their movement speed by 55% for 6 seconds. Broodmother can deal up to 160 damage to enemy units using Silken Bola. Enemy units affected by Silken Bola have a 55% chance to miss their attacks. Silken Bola has a cooldown of 12 seconds and needs 85 mana to be used
in the game. 

Broodmother can activate Insatiable Hunger to gain 65 bonus damage before entering team fights. She gains up to 100% Lifesteal on her physical attacks while Insatiable Hunger is active, letting the Agility hero strike her enemies to get consistent kills throughout the match. The bonus damage gained by using Insatiable Hunger lasts for 14 seconds. Insatiable Hunger has a cooldown of 25 seconds and requires 80 mana to be used. 

You can Spin Webs around the map with Broodmother to increase her movement speed in battles. Standing inside a web that is spun by the Agility hero will increase the health regeneration rate of Broodmother by 11 health per second. She will also gain 46% movement speed while moving around in a web. You can cast Spin Web to approach enemy units faster during Dota 2 games. Each web takes 40 mana to be spun. Broodmother can spin a total of 9 webs. 

People can significantly increase the attack speed of Broodmother by purchasing an Echo Sabre. Broodmother gains 10 attack speed, 15 attack damage, 13 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 1.75 mana regeneration after buying an Echo Sabre. She can strike 2 attacks at once using the passive ability, Echo Strike, by equipping an Echo Sabre in her inventory. Enemy units hit by Echo Strike have their movement speed slowed by 100% for 0.8 seconds. Broodmother can use Echo Strike once every 6 seconds. Echo Sabre can be bought for 2500 gold. 

You can buy a Diffusal Blade to provide 15 Agility and 10 Intelligence to Broodmother. Each physical attack from Broodmother can burn up to 40 mana by purchasing a Diffusal Blade for the Agility hero. You can use Inhibit using Diffusal Blade to slow the movement speed of enemy units while playing Broodmother. She can cast Silken Bola after using Diffusal Blade to increase the duration of the slow, providing plenty of time for allies to strike enemy heroes and annihilate them in Dota 2 games. These items can help Broodmother win more points for the Dead Reckoning. 

You can use Lotus Orb for Broodmother to reflect incoming spells during battles. Lotus Orb can be activated to reflect most targeted spells back to enemy heroes for 6 seconds. Broodmother can use Lotus Orb after chasing enemy heroes inside webs to eat away at her opponents without taking magical damage. You can use Insatiable Hunger while Lotus Orb is active to regain a portion of her health with each attack. Lotus Orb costs 3850 gold and provides 250 mana, 10 armor, 6.5 health regeneration, and 4 mana regeneration to Broodmother. 

Best Allies for Broodmother


Sniper helps Broodmother attack enemies using Shrapnel

Sniper is a ranged hero who can help Broodmother get easy kills in Dota 2. He can cast several instances of Shrapnel to reduce the movement speed of enemy units by 30%. Shrapnel affects all enemy units in a radius of 400 and deals 70 DPS for 10 seconds. Broodmother can cast Silken Bola on enemy units slowed by Shrapnel to make her enemies crawl during battles. 

Allies playing Sniper can push back enemy units with the passive ability, Headshot. Sniper gains a 40% chance to trigger Headshots with his physical attacks. Broodmother can deal more damage to enemies trying to hit Sniper by casting Insatiable Hunger before attacking them in team fights. 

The carry hero can hit enemies from quite a distance by maxing out Take Aim. Your teammates can cast Assassinate to deal 700 damage to enemy units from up to a distance of 3000 in Dota 2. Once the enemy heroes are weakened by Assassinate, Broodmother can finish off her opponents by using Spawn Spiderlings on them. The spiderlings can be used to push lanes and destroy enemy towers to win more matches while partying with Broodmother.  


Viper casts Viper Strike to slow enemies for her ally, Broodmother

Viper is an Agility hero with poisonous attacks that can make him a reliable ally to Broodmother. He can use Poison Attacks to slow the movement speed of his enemies by 12% for 4 seconds. Poison Attacks can be stacked for up to 5 times and deal 16 DPS per hit. 

Broodmother can Spin Webs around the map to provide vision of enemy heroes to Viper. Allies can use Force Staff to push Viper toward enemy heroes to attack them while Broodmother focuses her attacks on her opponents. 

People can use Nethertoxin on the map with Viper to break the passive abilities of enemy heroes. Nethertoxin can be useful against carry heroes like Anti-Mage and Lifestealer to disable their passive abilities. 

Broodmother can cast Spawn Spiderlings after enemy heroes are hit by Viper Strike to get instant kills in Dota 2. Viper Strike deals 160 DPS for 5 seconds. Enemy units affected by Viper Strike have their movement speed reduced by 80% and their attack speed slowed by 80. 

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