Dota 2 Beastmaster Guide – Tips and How to Play

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Dota 2 Beastmaster Guide – Tips and How to Play

Let’s dive into the Dota 2 Beastmaster guide and see the things that make this hero more special than its counterparts.

Beastmaster is a unique Dota 2 hero that has become a lot more popular in the last couple of years. He’s among the top-tier offlaners in professional and PUB Dota 2 games and a hero that can do wonders in many situations. No wonder people often pick him right away.

This Beastmaster Dota 2 guide will reveal a lot of important information about the hero and what to expect once you start playing. He is a universal melee hero with 44-48 starting damage, 3 armor, and 305 movement speed, which may not seem that impressive. However, many other things make him special, so let’s learn more about them in this article.


Before checking the Dota 2 Beastmaster build you should focus on, here’s an overview of the hero’s abilities.

  • Wild Axes – He throws his axe to a given location and then calls them back. Each axe deals 125 damage and amplifies the subsequent damage from BM and his units by 12%.
  • Call of the Wild Boar – Beastmaster summons a boar with 750 base HP that deals 65 damage and slows its target by 34% for 3s.
  • Call of the Wild Hawk – BM, summons a Hawk with 300 base HP and 420 MS that allows him to scout an area.
  • Inner beast – This is a passive ability that grants 40 attack speed to BM and his allies.
  • Primal Roar – A single-target roar that stuns a target for 3.8 and deals 300 damage. Moreover, all units in the path will receive damage, whereas those near the target will be pushed away and get a -60% MS penalty for 3s. During that time, BM and his allies will get a 40% MS boost.

Players who get a Shard will reduce the Hawk’s cooldown by 10s, and the bird can dive to do damage and stun its target. Getting a Dota 2 Beastmaster Aghanim’s scepter will give the hero an ability called Drums of Slom. The latter will allow the hero to deal damage and heal himself based on his attacks. The shortest drum interval is 04.s, whereas the longest is 3s. Using Primal Roar counts as 20 attacks when it’s level 3.

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Dota 2 - Beastmaster overwhelms his opponents in Diretide

After analyzing the complex Beastmaster Dota 2 skills, the next step is to check the hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – +2.5% damage amp per stack from Wild Axes or + 30 Damage
  • Level 15 –  Inner beast grants +10 AS or BM, and his units get +20 MS aura
  • Level 20 – +250 max HP to BM and his units or Boar gets +35 attack damage
  • Level 25 – Primary Roar gets -30s cooldown or Wild Axes get -5s cooldown

Dota 2 Beastmaster Guide – Tips

As mentioned earlier, Beastmaster is a classic offlaner that is popular in PUB and pro games. Even though we’ve also seen him in the mid-lane and as position 4 support, he is nowhere near as effective as in the offlane.

Choosing this position means you have to know what you’re doing because being an offlaner is not easy. Thankfully, this is among the few heroes that can lane against pretty much anything, especially after the changes following 7.33.

Beastmaster’s ability to summon his boar allows him to farm the lane and the side camps. In an ideal situation, he can farm both at the same time, which increases his farming speed drastically. Needless to say, he is an excellent option against any melee carry, which is why you can often see him against the likes of AM and others.

Beastmaster is all about pushing, so the item build and playstyle should focus on it. His aura allows the mid and carry heroes to do a lot more damage overall, which is why BM is such a popular pick.

Another thing that a hero is good at is shutting down elusive targets. If you have to play against things like Tinker, Ember, and so on, you can use your hawk to your advantage to get vision and try to surprise them with a Blink and Roar combo. The latter is very effective, making BM an excellent counter-pick against those heroes. 

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Beastmaster Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Before checking the Beastmaster Dota 2 build to go for, here are a few pros and cons.


  • Excellent laner
  • Great at pushing
  • Can be really hard to play against
  • Excellent for shutting down elusive heroes
  • Relatively hard to kill


  • He needs items to be effective and relies on his team to win
  • He does not do a lot of damage
  • Requires micro skills to be effective.

Dota 2 Beastmaster Guide – Items

If you check the Beastmaster Dota 2 pro tracker, you will see that most players pick relatively similar items, so let’s learn more about them.

Starting items

Tango, Iron Branch and Salve are the best starting items for this hero

Early game


The Dota 2 hero Beastmaster with two creatures in the desert

Depending on the game, BM’s early game can include a Magic Wand and Boots of  Speed, but some people can get Tranquil Boots.

Mid game

Helm of the Dominator and Drum of Endurance are some of the best items the hero can get. Some players will also focus on a Blink Dagger and Vladimir’s Offering, depending on the matchups.

Late game

In terms of the late-game, the hero benefits a lot from a Shard, Aghanim’s Scepter, Black King Bar, Heaven’s Halberd, Assault Cuirass, and other aura items.

Dota 2 Beastmaster counter

As good as he is, there is more than one Beastmaster Dota 2 counter that you have to keep an eye on.

  • Abaddon – Abba’s shield can remove BM’s stun, making him very effective.
  • Timbersaw – Timber is great against all STR heroes, and this one isn’t an exception. He can also kill BM’s add-ons really fast.
  • Crystal Maiden – Surprisingly, CM is a solid pick against BM because she can kill the boar really fast and has a lot of AoE damage. However, Beastmaster can kill her in seconds because she is squishy. 


After checking this Beastmaster Dota 2 guide, you can probably tell that the hero is really strong in a lot of situations. He can be an excellent team-mate when you need someone to push with. Aside from the fact that he’s hard to master, everything else about this hero is great.

Dota 2 Beastmaster Guide – Tips and How to Play
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