Dota 2 Battle Pass – Easiest Weekly Quests for Week 18

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Dota 2 Battle Pass – Easiest Weekly Quests for Week 18

Take a look at the easiest Weekly Quests in Dota 2 that you can complete to earn bonus battle points during Week 18 of the Battle Pass 2022. 

Millions of people are competing online to win battle points to unlock exciting rewards in Dota 2. These rewards include new taunts, treasure chests, sprays, couriers, and item effects to add to your collection in the massively multiplayer game. 

You can unlock new skins for various heroes in Dota 2 to make your games more enjoyable while playing with the Battle Pass 2022. The Melange of the Firelord set for Chaos Knight, the Volcanic Sanctuary set for Broodmother, and the Bloodfeather Finery set for Queen of Pain are among the most gorgeous skins available to unlock. 

People can play a new seasonal game mode, Diretide, to celebrate the fresh start of a new year. You can attack Greevils around Roshan in Diretide mode to collect Taffy and score them in enemy wells. Roshan will roam the map in search of the well with the most Taffy in it to destroy it, once every few minutes. 

Each team can guard 4 of their wells from being attacked by Roshan and enemy heroes in Diretide matches. The first team to lose all 4 of their wells to Roshan will lose the game. Diretide mode can be a lot more fun while playing with your friends online. You can also complete Cavern Crawl challenges and Weekly Quests to receive bonus battle points. 

Here are the easiest Weekly Quests that can help you earn more stars during Week 18 of the Battle Pass 2022. 

Never Played Out – Play 15 matches 

You can earn more stars during Week 18 by completing the Never Played Out Weekly Quest in Dota 2. All of the games that you win and the games that you lose are counted while attempting to finish the Never Played Out Weekly Quest. 

People can play 8 games to earn 2 stars for the Never Played Out Weekly Quest. Completing a total of 15 games will fetch you 3 stars for the Never Played Out Weekly Quest during Week 18. Have a look at these heroes to help you achieve the Never Played Out Weekly Quest in Dota 2. 

Phantom Assassin 

Phantom Assassin hurls a Stifling Dagger to slow enemies

Phantom Assassin is a carry hero who can easily annihilate multiple enemy heroes with her physical attacks. The Agility hero can farm faster in lanes by using her skills on enemy creeps in the lanes. She can also obliterate neutral creeps in the forest to earn bonus gold and experience early in the game. 

The melee hero gains up to 3.2 Agility per level. Advanced players can take control of Phantom Assassin and head to the mid lane to level up faster in Dota 2 matches. Mortred can be highly effective as a carry hero in most matches that allow her to farm certain items before the first 30 minutes elapse into the game. 

Phantom Assassin can use Stifling Dagger to kill enemy creeps in lane with ease. Stifling Dagger deals 65 base damage and 70% of her attack damage to enemy units. Phantom Assassin can hurl Stifling Daggers at enemy heroes to slow their movement speed by 50% for up to 4 seconds. It has a cast range of 1150. Stifling Dagger has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 30 mana to be cast in the game. 

Phantom Assassin can use phantom Strike to teleport to enemy units in battles. The Agility hero gains up to 170 bonus attack speed and 25% Lifesteal from her attacks for 2 seconds by using Phantom Strike. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 50 mana in the game. 

Mortred gains 50% evasion by maxing out Blur in Dota 2 games. The increased evasion helps Phantom Assassin tank damage and get kills without dying. Players can use Blur to turn invisible, preventing enemy heroes from detecting Phantom Assassin in battles. 

You can activate Blur and use Phantom Strike on nearby units to escape from danger during team fights. The effects of Blur last for up to 25 seconds and help Phantom Assassin farm bonus gold by destroying neutral creeps in the jungle. Blur has a cooldown of 45 seconds and needs 50 mana to be used. 

Her ulti, Coup De Grace, is a passive ability that provides a 15% chance of dealing critical damage with each hit. Physical attacks from Mortred can deal up to 450% critical damage during battles after maxing out her ulti. Coup De Grace can pierce spell immunity, making it a devastating move against enemy heroes like Juggernaut and Lifestealer. 

People can buy Phase Boots for bonus attack damage while playing Phantom Assassin in Dota 2. Phase Boots cost 1500 gold in the game. Phantom Assassin gains 45 movement speed, 18 attack damage, and 4 armor by purchasing Phase Boots. 

You can equip Skull Basher on Phantom Assassin to stun enemies with your attacks. Each hit from Mortred has a 25% chance of stunning enemy units and dealing bonus damage of 100 with Skull Basher in the inventory. The item costs 2875 gold in the game. You can upgrade Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade for bonus health. 

Battle Fury is an excellent item for Mortred in Dota 2. Phantom Assassin gains 60 attack damage, 7.5 health regeneration, and 2.75 mana regeneration by purchasing Battle Fury for the Agility hero.  She can deal a portion of her attack damage to all enemy units in front of her in a distance of 650 with the passive ability, Cleave, to farm more gold after buying Battle Fury. 

The melee hero can increase her attack speed by acquiring Buttefly in the game. Phantom Assassin can gain 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage by purchasing Butterfly. The item costs 4975 gold. 

You can easily win more matches with Phantom Assassin by purchasing these items. Play a few games with Phantom Assassin to receive more stars for Never Played Out Weekly Quest during Week 18. 


Silencer uses his Glaives of Wisdom to deal Pure damage to enemies

Silencer is an Intelligence hero who can silence enemy heroes around the map to gain an advantage during team fights. The ranged hero gains permanent Intelligence with every kill he takes, making his physical attacks stronger as the game progresses. 

You can take the off lane to harass enemy heroes in the lane while playing Silencer in Dota 2. He has a maximum range of 600 on his attacks, letting Silencer take the last hits from a comfortable distance in the lane. 

Players can cast Arcane Curse on enemy units to slow them. Enemy units affected by Arcane Curse take an initial damage of 100 and an additional 40 damage per second (DPS) for up to 6 seconds. 

Arcane Curse affects all enemy heroes in a radius of 400 and slows their movement speed by 25%. Silenced enemies take up to 1.5x more damage from Arcane Curse. The ability has a cooldown of 14 seconds and consumes 145 mana. 

You can take at least one level of Glaives of Wisdom at the start of the game. Glaives of Wisdom deals 75% of Silencer’s Intelligence as Pure damage to his enemies. Silencer receives a permanent gain of 2 Intelligence, every time he kills an enemy hero in Dota 2 by leveling up Glaives of Wisdom. 

Silencer can cast Last Word to silence enemy heroes instantly. Enemies affected by Last Word are silenced for up to 6 seconds. Last Word deals a base damage of 240 and an additional 2.5x of Silencer’s Intelligence to the targeted unit. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 115 mana. 

He can cast his ulti, Global Silence, to prevent all enemy units from using their abilities for up to 6 seconds. Global Silence has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 600 mana. You can reduce the cooldown of Global Silence by 25 seconds at level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

You can purchase Orchid Malevolence to increase the attack speed of Silencer. The Intelligence hero gains 40 attack speed, 30 attack damage, and 3 mana regeneration by purchasing Orchid Malevolence. Silencer can use Soul Burn using Orchid Malevolence. 

Enemy units affected by Soul Burn take up to 30% more damage for up to 5 seconds. Soul Burn has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 100 mana. Orchid Malevolence can be bought for 3475 gold. 

Silencer can increase his attack range by purchasing Hurricane Pike. The Intelligence hero gains 200 health, 20 Agility, 15 Strength, 15 Intelligence, and 150 attack range by equipping Hurricane Pike in the game. 

Hurricane Pike can be used on enemy units to push each other away by a distance of 450 for up to 6 seconds. Silencer can deliver 5 attacks from any range by using Hurricane Pike against enemy heroes. It has a cooldown of 19 seconds and requires 100 mana. You can easily achieve more stars for the Never Played Out Weekly Quest by choosing Silencer in Dota 2 games. 

People can buy Scythe of Vyse for Silencer to disable enemy units. Silencer can cast Hex using Scythe of Vyse, turning enemy units into animals for 3.5 seconds. Enemy units affected by Hex cannot attack or use their abilities for the duration of the spell. Hex has a cooldown of 20 seconds and needs 250 mana. 

Silencer gains 35 Intelligence, 10 Strength, 10 Agility, and 9 mana regeneration by purchasing Scythe of Vyse. The item costs 5675 gold in the game. These items can help you turn the tide of battle while playing the support hero in Dota 2. 

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