Dota 2 7.34b Stats – Best & Worst Heroes Right Now

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Dota 2 7.34b Stats  – Best & Worst Heroes Right Now

The Dota 2 patch 7.34b has been out for some time now, so let’s check some of the best and worst heroes.

When talking about the Dota 2 path 7.34b stats, we want to share some details about the best and worst heroes to get right now. Considering that the current patch has been out for several weeks, we have enough data to work with. Once you know what to focus on and what not to pick, you can start playing with the more popular heroes a lot more often.

Speaking of heroes and the most recent patch, we have an article where we cover the leased picked heroes in the Divine/Immortal bracket in 7.34b. You can learn more information about them beforehand if you want to check the current trends, but there have been some changes since then. Consequently, it’s time to show you some of the Dota 2 stats you need to be aware of.

The best heroes in 7.34b

Since every Dota 2 player has a different definition for the “best hero”, the names you are about to see are based on their current win rate across all skill brackets. The fact that a given hero has a higher win rate does not always mean it’s better. However, PUB players want to pick heroes that win them more games, so these Dota 2 7.34b stats will be important.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor releases a Paralyzing Cask to stun enemies

The first pick on the list may surprise some of you because Witch Doctor hasn’t been that big in professional games. Sure, the hero has the chance to play in some games, but he’s not the go-to support. Fortunately, it seems like the PUB meta is slightly different because Witch Doctor is clearly on another level.

If we take a look at the stats, we will see that WD has an impressive win rate of 55.42%. Besides the fact that he has almost 1% more than the next name on the list, WD also has a jaw-dropping pick rate of almost 25%. In other words, this hero appears in almost every 4th Dota 2 game, which is really impressive.

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One of the reasons for Witch Doctor’s popularity is the fact that he is much stronger than before. The hero can do a lot more damage than before, and even the nerfs in the Dota 2 patch 7.34b did not affect his popularity. It will be interesting if some of the top supports at The International 12 will focus on him.



The number 2 on our list when talking about Dota 2 stats in 7.34b is for Riki. Surprisingly, he is one of the most successful heroes in Dota 2 right now, at least according to the stats. Although he has never been the go-to option for professional players, he’s always been big in PUB games. That said, Riki’s 54.54% win rate makes him one of the best carries/supports.

Like WD, Riki is a hero who is known for doing a lot of damage. Despite the fact that he’s not the best farmer, once the hero gets ahead, it becomes really hard to deal with him. 

Another thing that Riki is good at is forcing the enemy team to spend a lot of money on Sentires and other detecting tools. A lot of people looking for the Dota 2 7.34b stats forget about this, but it has an effect in PUB games.

Following the buffs in 7.34, Riki received small nerfs in the B version of the patch. Nevertheless, he continues to be one of the most dominant heroes, so we expect to see a lot from him in the upcoming patches. 


The third top-tier hero in the Dota 2 patch 7.34b is Warlock, a support/midder that never managed to become that popular in pro games. However, thanks to the hero’s amazing buffs in the most recent patch, Warlock became one of the best heroes for PUB games. This explains why he also has a 10.7% pick rate.

If we take a look at the Dota 2 Stats tracker, we can see that the majority of Warlock players are supports because the hero is more efficient in this role than as a midder.

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The worst heroes in 7.34b so far

After taking a look at the Dota 2 stats live for the best heroes, it’s time to share a few words about the worst picks in 7.34b. There are a few names that have to be mentioned because their win rating is bad.



If we take a look at the Dota 2 7.34b stats, we can see that Batrider has an abysmal win rate of just 41.75%. This is one of the lowest numbers we’ve seen in many years, which is not a good sign for a hero who hasn’t been in a meta in a while.

Batrider is not a hero that works well in the current meta. He’s an offlaner, but there are other offlaners who are much better than him in everything they do. As a result, PUB and professional players prefer focusing on them.


The next hero when it comes down to the worst picks to get in 7.34b is Broodmother, and it probalby does not come as a surprise. Brood is a hero who has been nerfed time and time again to the point where the hero is just bad. Even though some professional players continue to use the hero every now and then, the Dota 2 stats reveal that it’s not good.

If we take a look at the win rate, we’ll see it sits at 43%, which is the second-worst in the game right now. What’s even worse is the pick rate, which is 0.89%, which is also the second-lowest. The only hero that’s less popular than Broodmother is Chen.


The last spot on the list when talking about Dota 2 7.34b stats is Timbersaw, the second-worst offlaner in Dota 2 right now. Despite the fact that he was a hero who’s always been popular, Timbersaw has not been that big lately because of the nerfs. He used to be one of the most successful offlaners, but now, the hero’s stats are around a 44% win rate and 4% pick rate, which is not good.

Dota 2 7.34b Stats  – Best & Worst Heroes Right Now
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