Dota 2: 5 Heroes That Deserve A Nerf After The Singapore Major

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Dota 2: 5 Heroes That Deserve A Nerf After The Singapore Major

The matches at Singapore major have brought forward some interesting results, we look at which heroes might need a nerf in Dota 2.

The conclusion of Singapore Major not only shows the current top teams in the DPC, it also presents a quality summary of the current meta. We saw plenty of meta hero picks in the Major. While some performed well, others were so broken teams had to ban them most of the time. We look at some of the most abused heroes as the Major, and the ones who might get the nerf hammer in our upcoming balancing patch.


Played as a core in the Major, Io had a win rate of 63.16% in the competition. Wisp had an insanely high impact in most games. Io was only picked for play 19 times. It was one of the most banned heroes of the Major. With teams shutting it out of the pool 108 times across the whole tournament. The numbers speak for themselves. Io proves what an impressive choice it is, if used correctly.

The hero usually picks up a Helm of the Dominator and Aghanim’s Scepter as some of it's first core items. In the later game, Io can look to building Heart of Tarrasque, Black King Bar and other situational items.


Versatile as a mid or support hero, Puck gave a flex pick option to the players early in the drafting phase. The hero had a win rate of 62.71% and was picked 59 times at the Major. Puck’s impact on the game was always high, considering the hero offers an AOE silence, wave push and lockdown from its ultimate. Banned 72 times in the competition, Puck proved to be more than annoying for players to face off against.

Usually played as a mid hero, we saw the Blink Dagger, Witch Blade and Eul’s as early to mid game items. While Scepter, Boots of Travel, Desolator and Dagon being some of the other extensions to the hero’s build.


Picked 29 times in the major with a win rate of 58.62%, Beastmaster seemed strong in the hands of professional players. It also had a high ban figure of 66 because of how well the hero impacted a portion of the map.

Beastmaster is a unique hero which makes Necronomicon as one of the core items. It is both the hero’s skill set and the item’s synergy with him, which makes him such an amazing offlane hero in the meta. You can read more about Necrobook and it's appearances at Singapore in our in-depth analysis here.

Death Prophet

Death Prophet was another flex pick in the major. The hero is incredible as a support pick with an AOE silence and ability to push with its ultimate. Unlike other squishy support heroes, DP is tanky and trades well in the early game. That said, players also picked DP as mid hero in the competition.

Although Death Prophet has a win rate of only 50%, players banned the hero 71 times in the event. This shows the sheer impact of DP in the professional matches. Picked 56 times in the major, DP usually builds very few items as a support. With limited farm, item builds mostly depend on the situation. As for mid DP, items include Eul’s, Black King Bar, Shiva’s Guard and other situational items.


It looks like Razor was a little too buffed in the previous patch 7.27c. He's so strong that we even included him in our mid tier list. Players picked razor 17 times in the tournament. With a win rate of about 53%, they banned the hero 38 times. Although Razor’s pick and ban numbers are low, the hero looked incredibly strong on the field at the tournament.

Rarely struggling in the early game, Razor always has movement advantage over most heroes. Take qojqva’s Razor, who wreaked some real havoc during the Group Stage, as a prime example.

Razor usually builds Black King Bar, Sange and Yasha and Eul’s as major items. The hero can go Heart of Tarrasque, Assault Cuirass and other situational items in the game.

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