Dota 2: Patch 7.28c Mid Tier List; Is Outworld Destroyer Still Broken?

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Dota 2: Patch 7.28c Mid Tier List; Is Outworld Destroyer Still Broken?

Here is a list of top five mid heroes in the 7.28c patch of Dota 2.

The 7.28c patch brought a few important changes to the meta. It included balancing adjustments to heroes, especially the overpowered ones who ran rampant in the 7.28b meta. The Dota Pro Circuit also included those heroes like Puck, Outworld Destroyer, Earthshaker and were also quite popular in pub games.

Now that the 7.28c update is slowly settling down, the picture has become a lot clearer about which heroes are strong in the current meta.


Alchemist was untouched in the 7.28c update, but his pick rate has grown over the course of the past month. Although the hero struggles against certain mid heroes, it can bounce back from a half decent laning stage pretty quickly. That said, Alchemist is always on a timer which means players need to farm efficiently and hit their item timings perfectly.

The hero falls off late game against hard carry lineups, so ending games close to the 35 minute mark should make things smoother for players looking to grind MMR with this S-tier hero.


A series of changes in patch 7.28 positively affected razor. His win rate shows the hero is stable and can stomp games if played correctly. He offers a very solid early game with his dominance in the laning phase. Additionally, Razor is quite good against popular meta heroes like Alchemist, Slark, Ursa, Monkey King and a few others.

A single point in Storm Surge which is Razor’s third ability gives 12% bonus movement speed to the hero. This is extremely useful for early game ganking and maintaining Static Link’s duration. The only major drawback to Razor is that he does not scale well against multiple late game carry heroes, which puts him in A-tier.

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Outworld Destroyer

Outworld Destroyer got destroyed with nerfs in the 7.28c update. The changes by IceFrog crippled his win rate by approximately two percent. However, the hero is still a viable option in the midlane. Not absurdly broken like before, he still provides a strong laning stage with great mid to late game potential. Meteor Hammer does everything it used to for OD, from clearing waves to unleashing the Astral Imprisonment combo.

From mid game onward, OD is great against heroes like Razor and can bully meta heroes like Alchemist, Troll Warlord, Morphling throughout the game.


Clinkz is going strong even after receiving minor nerfs in patch 7.28a. In the current meta, Clinkz has an approx win rate of 54% in the mid lane. Clinkz does some serious physical damage after hitting his level 6 power spike.

The hero makes items like Desolator, Orchid and Scythe of Vyse, which help amplify his damage and give him much needed lockdown on his targets. Clinkz is great in most pub games but feels weak against illusion based heroes like Phantom Lancer and Naga Siren.

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Naga Siren

Naga Siren is probably the most controversial hero on this list simply because players need a great understanding of how she works in order to win games. She has about a 52-53% win rate in the mid lane. Naga offers a strong laning stage thanks to her high armor and health regeneration at level one.

She also has the Rip Tide ability to shove creep waves and force reactions around the map. Shoving creep waves creates pressure for the enemy team. The hero scales very well and can also take part in fights with her ultimate ability: Song of the Siren.