Dota 2: How Pros Abused Necrobook Throughout The Singapore Major

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Dota 2: How Pros Abused Necrobook Throughout The Singapore Major

Necrobook is secretly one of the most valuable items in Dota 2.

The conclusion of Singapore Major has left us a few things to ponder about. One notable point is the use of the Necrobook item in professional matches. Although it's currently unclear if the item will get nerfed with the upcoming patch, there is still enough time to abuse this item in pub games and gain a significant advantage. For understanding the use of Necrobook, let us look at what the item does in professional matches.

Necrobook use in Pro Dota

Necrobook was not just picked on any hero to abuse its potential. After balancing changes to the item, it is not viable on every hero. In fact, at the Major Necrobook was most commonly used on Beastmaster, Enigma and Lycan.

A screengrab from the series between EG and IG showing the player iceiceice on Lycan with a necrobook in his stash

Necronomicon is one of the most resourceful items a hero can buy in-game. For simplicity's sake, we'll look at Necronomicon (level 3).

The item costs 4,550 gold and provides heroes with +18 Strength and +4 Mana regeneration. Which can often solve mana issues faced by heroes like Beastmaster and Enigma. It also summons a Warrior and Archer. The Warrior has 900 HP and deals 78 damage, it also deals additional 50 damage as mana break, depleting the enemy hero’s mana. Warrior also provides True Sight and deals 800 damage to the hero who kills it.

The Archer also has 900 HP with 75 damage per hit. Plus it provides a movement speed aura of 9 to heroes around it in 1200 radius.

Using Necrobook to achieve multiple objectives

But, the most interesting part about Necrobook is not its stats. The pros use Necronomicon to do multiple jobs for them. After analysis of multiple matches, we could see that the item helps in farming lane creeps and jungle camps. On top of that, even a Necronomicon (level 1) creates immense pressure on enemy towers, forcing out reactions and splitting enemy heroes.

Pushing and farming are just one aspect of the Necrobook. In team fights using the item to pester back-line squishy heroes is another net positive. This forces the heroes to either back off or take an unfavorable fight dealing with both the Necrobook units and enemy heroes.

Enigma uses the Necrobook to farm and push lanes alongside the eidolons. On Beastmaster, Necro units and wild boars can provide substantial damage as a follow up to his ultimate. Lycan uses Necro units alongside his wolves to push lanes aggressively and deal damage to squishy enemy heroes.

It's a good idea to abuse the Necronomicon in the pub games, where players fail to communicate and work together. The item provides a great opportunity to out farm enemies and push objectives.

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