Dignitas Announces Four Members Of Valorant Roster

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Dignitas Announces Four Members Of Valorant Roster

European esports organization, Dignitas, has revealed a majority of their Valorant roster.

The four members picked up by Dignitas formerly played under Team Homeless at the Pax Arena Invitational Ignition Series event and the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet series. The four-man squad consists of Rory “dephh” Jackson, Harrison “Psalm” Chang, Kevin “poised” Ngo, and Phat “supamen” Le. The fifth member of the squad has not yet been announced but will be revealed by the end of the week.

No Longer Homeless

Former CS: GO player dephh is a pillar for this squad, standing out as the potential in-game leader. His experience is CS: GO is well known, previously seeing minor success with CompLexity Gaming. “We have our eyes set on making a big splash into Valorant,” dephh said to Forbes. “We are here to form storylines and rivalries that Dignitas fans can be a part of. Knowing that Dignitas was originally founded in the UK is a big inspiration for me personally to join the organization. I’ve competed against Dignitas multiple times over my gaming career, and I’m proud to join such a prestigious organization.”

Psalm earned his claim to fame in the Fortnite world, taking home second at the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. In April of this year, he made a post on Twitter saying, “My dream is to be the most decorated competitor in gaming history. I have my eyes set on Valorant next”. The other two members of Dignitas, Poised and supamen, have competitive careers with a handful of accolades. Supamen was a god-tier Crossfire player, a tactical shooter that pre-dates CS. Poised competed at the semi-professional level in CS: GO for some time only to make the switch to Valorant earlier this year.

The squad was a disruptive force in tournaments, catching top-tier teams off guard. There is no word on the fifth player yet, but the team is playing in this weekend’s Pop Flash Tournament. This is the time for Dignitas to dominate and secure a high placement for their first tournament as a squad.

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