Diablo 4 : What We Know About Season 1

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Diablo 4 : What We Know About Season 1

Looking the biggest Season 1 reveals from the Diablo 4 campfire chat.

In a recent livestream, the developers of Diablo 4 sat together to discuss the massively successful launch of the franchise's latest installment, as well as future updates for the game. In the video, Community Lead Adam Fletcher led the panel along with Diablo 4 Game Director Joe Shely. With them was Associate Production Manager Tiffany Wat and Franchise General Manager Rod Fergusson.

Fergusson went ahead to celebrate Diablo 4's latest milestones, noting that the game had passed “350 million hours of play” at Day 10. The launch overview also confirmed that the makers of Diablo 4 were already working on expansions.

Speaking of updates, the developers described the next Diablo 4 patch, remarking how “chunky” the next hotfix will be. These rollouts intend to patch up some minor bugs, which are common during the first month of a major AAA release.

It's been confirmed that Diablo 4's first official season  will start around late July, but before then let's take a look at the biggest points the devs brought up in their fireside chat.

Diablo 4 Dungeon EXP Increased

The folks at Blizzard will be awarding more experience for each mob slain in Diablo 4's infamous late-game dungeons. Fergusson went on to say that the Nightmare Sigils will be getting a considerable quality-of-life change, letting players instantly teleport to each subsequent dungeon instead of walking there.

Speaking of dungeons, Scrolls of Escape will now be used automatically when a player disconnects from Diablo 4. Moreover, resistances in the game will be buffed in upcoming Season 2 update to try to improve the mechanics surrounding them.

Bug Fixes

Small visual glitches will be patched out soon following the hotfix set before Season 1 officially begins. Examples include dark textures on the Necromancer , rubber banding and gold flashes that occur before cutscenes.

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Inventory Updates

Crafting materials will no longer have an inventory cap.  Furthermore, the developers announced a future change regarding Gems, which will be moved to the materials section in Season 2, freeing up space in your pack. This caused a bit of an issue with fans, who needed to consider the filled inventory slot whenever they would modify their builds.

Matchmaker Tools in Season 1

Looking for questing parties for your Nightmare runs will be made easier with the devs proposed update to Diablo 4's matchmaking lobby. Other than that, the seasonal mode will comprise of a fully-revealed map with respawned enemies inside sidequests, dungeons and strongholds. The first two ranks will always be filled with Renown, but the remaining 3 will be reset. These, as well as the Paragon Points will have to be re-earned. “Teleport to player” is also being worked on.

The developers have confirmed that we'll be getting another chat once July rolls around, but until we get more details on how Season 1 will look, players of Diablo 4 will have plenty to be excited about in the coming months.

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Diablo 4 : What We Know About Season 1
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