Diablo 4: Avarice the Gold Cursed Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

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Diablo 4: Avarice the Gold Cursed Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Diablo 4 has just arrived on the market but has already proved to be a great success. Among the novelties that have been added in this fourth chapter of the saga, there is that of being able to fight against three world bosses, very powerful enemies that it is almost impossible to defeat alone. After talking about Ashava the Pestilent and Wandering Death, in this article we will talk about the last of the three world bosses, Avarice the Gold Cursed.

An overview of Diablo 4's world bosses

In Diablo 4, world bosses are very powerful foes that you can fight. They are part of a new game feature that allows players to confront legendary challenges against tough opponents. World bosses can be faced both after and during the main campaign, but each of them has a recommended level to be able to face, which we strongly advise you to consider. If you try to face one of these bosses without a minimum level or adequate gear, the fight will surely be a failure. For this reason, we recommend that you join forces with other players to make this fight easier.

Lastly, it is critical to remember that this type of enemy cannot be confronted when it is most convenient for us. World bosses appear at specific times and locations every six hours. All users who have completed the main campaign will be informed about half an hour before the boss spawns, and everyone else will have to take into consideration the other spawn sites and make their way to one of the sites marked on the map below.

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Avarice the Gold Cursed information, location, and rewards

The Seared Basin is where you'll find Avarice the Gold Cursed. This world boss is a colossal horned demon with a gigantic mace in its right hand and a linked loot container in its left. When you complete the campaign, world bosses, such as Avarice the Gold Cursed, will begin to appear on the map. The world boss marker on your map will indicate which boss it is, a timer to indicate when the world boss will spawn, and the duration of the legendary awards players can obtain by beating it. However, you can still fight these bosses even if you haven't finished the main quest just yet.

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One thing that all players have to keep in mind is that it is recommended that players fight the world bosses whenever they appear and, more importantly, with other users. Although it is possible to engage in these fights alone, it is not recommended since these are powerful bosses and need a well-planned strategy in order to be defeated. For this reason, the game allows up to twelve players to join forces for these particular fights. As for other world bosses, even after defeating Avarice, players will obtain money, gear, and legendary items.

Avarice the Gold Cursed attacks and counters

Avarice the Gold Cursed is one of the three world bosses that have a wider choice of attacks. It can lunch seven different attacks that will deal damage to any opponents who will try to defeat it. These attacks are gold portal, circle mace attack, mace crush, stomp, ground eruption, chained box attack, and golden vomit.

  • Gold portal: with this attack, Avarice enters a portal and emerges on a different part of the battlefield. If you want to avoid this attack, when he vanishes, keep an eye out for its respawning place.
  • Circle mace attack: with this attack, Avarice strikes you with its mace in a clockwise round. It leans slightly to one side before launching the attack. In order to avoid this attack, when you see it lean, either exit melee range or evade.
  • Mace crush: Avarice swings its mace backward before lunging forward, delivering damage to anyone in front of it. To not deal damage, shift to either side.
  • Stomp: this world boss stomps on the earth, sending a shockwave across the air. When the shockwave approaches, flee.
  • Ground eruption: Avarice makes a few rock protuberances on the ground and uses its chained box to knock them down. They will erupt as a result of this. To avoid problems and damage, once it reaches them, keep an eye on the ground's indicated radii to avoid explosions.
  • Chained box attack: in order to perform this attack, Avarice launches its linked box forward and then moves it clockwise, causing damage in a massive radius. To avoid this attack, keep a tight eye on it to avoid being hurt.
  • Golden vomit: this attack lets Avarice vomits on the floor, forming a damaged area that you step on over time. As the battle continues, he will generate more and more. Avoid them as much as possible; they will fade away with time.
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Avarice the Gold Cursed boss fight strategies

Avarice uses its mace to do massive melee damage and will try to trample you with its gold-colored portals. It is a boss that combines both short-range and long-range attacks, so players need to plan a good strategy if they want to defeat it. When it uses its gold-colored portals, it opens up a useful opportunity to resurrect slain allies. It will pause for a moment after teleporting, allowing players to assault it.

Another attack to keep an eye on is the one when Avarice may make protuberances on the ground with a golden light that it can later cause to explode by smashing its crate on it. The wave of the explosion knocks players back and causes the rest to erupt as well, leaving pools of lava that will still damage you if you pass over them. The recuperation is swift after the knockback, thus players can assault Avarice during this period. Also, it will occasionally spew lava across the area, which deals damage when stepped on, thus players must keep an eye out for it while dodging its other assaults.

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Diablo 4: Avarice the Gold Cursed Boss Fight Tips and Tricks
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