CS2 Hidden Achievements Explained

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CS2 Hidden Achievements Explained

Learn everything about the CS2 Hidden Achievements here.

Counter-Strike 2 is finally upon us. It's a big day for esports and gaming as a whole, but many of us are wondering what the hell happened to the Achievements. The short and simple of it is they're gone, maybe for good.

It is probably a consequence of Counter-Strike 2 replacing CSGO completely instead of being a separate title. We'll try to make sense of it here, so keep on reading.

CS2 Hidden Achievements

The Case of the CS2 Hidden Achievements

Currently, if you launch Counter-Strike 2 for the first time, you'll earn the Achivement “A New Beginning” which is also the only Achivement available right now. Everything you've earned in Global Offensive has been banished into the void, maybe or likely to never return again.

It's a shame but it is one of the consequences of updating a 10-year-old title into a completely new thing. As of writing Valve hasn't put out an official statement as if these Achievements will ever return or if CS2 is coming with its own set of Achievements instead.

CS2 Hidden Achievements

Considering how many people have played CSGO over the years, transferring all that data and converting it to CS2, we assume that we'll never see our treasured Achievements ever again.

But it is still up in the air if Valve decides to add new achievements to CS2. Considering its major focus on multiplayer and customization of your player character. You might see some achievements return as badges or other cosmetics exclusive to the multiplayer component instead of something you can show off on your Steam profile.

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CS2 Hidden Achievements Explained
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