CS2 Care Package Explained

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CS2 Care Package Explained

Here is everything you need to know about the CS2 Care Package.

Counter-Strike 2 is finally here. Global Offensive has been shut down for the sake of a new generation of CS to ruin your life. Lots of the old is still here with many new things being introduced as well.

Now after you loaded up the game for the first time, you might be asking: “What is a Care Package and how do I get more of those?” Don't worry, we here at ESTNN are here to answer your questions.

CS2 Care Package

How to get a Care Package in CS2?

You can earn yourself a Care Package in CS2 once a week. To earn it it is as simple as leveling up your overall Rank just once in that week. You can level up your Rank by simply playing the game. If it's either Competitive or Death Match, anything you do will contribute to your rank level with XP. Are the Ranks good for anything else? Not really outside of measuring your life spiraling out of control.

How to Use a CS2 Care Package?

Once you've leveled up, head on over to Store, then Home and at the very top you'll find the two Rewards you can claim from the package. Select two, then hit Claim Rewards to get your prizes. You can even inspect the skins and graffiti you can obtain here to get a better look.

After you've claimed your weekly Package, you'll have to wait until the timer resets to begin the whole ordeal again.

CS2 Care Package

What Rewards are in the Care Package?

You can earn all kinds of things from the Care Package. From skins, and graffiti to even cases. Those cases will rarely contain anything extremely valuable but it's a great way to get skins and other cosmetics to eventually trade up for something better.

CS2 Care Package

What CS2 Care Package Rewards to Pick?

The rewards from the Care Packages are an ever-revolving door of cases, skins, and more. It is really as easy as picking the ones you like. Since rewards are always shuffling around, you'll never know what you'll get next week. But if you opt to go for the cases, keep in mind that you'll still have to pay for the keys to open them.

So unless they contain an item you absolutely want, think of your risks and maybe just pawn off the case on the Steam Community Market to save towards the skins you really want.

And that wraps up your guide to CS2 Care Packages. For more on CS2, check out our explainer of all the changes, Shrouds breakdown of why CS2 is easier to play, and how CS2 managed to make over $40 Million in just 40 minutes.

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CS2 Care Package Explained
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