Valve Earned $40M from Case Openings Just 40 Minutes after CS2’s release

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Valve Earned $40M from Case Openings Just 40 Minutes after CS2’s release

The arrival of Counter-Strike 2 has had a huge impact on a lot of things.

It is finally here! After highlighting some of the biggest changes from CSGO to CS2, we can finally say hello to the successor of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS2 became available yesterday, and it quickly became one of the talking points. Considering that there are a lot of things that are new, such as skins, it’s no surprise that some players have spent a lot of money on them.

$40M from Case Openings

We expected a lot of hype around the new CS2 skins, so it’s probably not a surprise that some players spent a lot of money on them. In fact, according to Jake Lucky on Twitter, CS 2 has made $40M from case openings just 40 minutes after it became available. Those stats are mind-blowing, but considering the hype around the newest Valve game, it’s no surprise that people are more happy to spend money and get different rewards.

The new game

Needless to say, everything we’ve mentioned in our articles regarding the changes in CS2 is now live. Besides the CS2 skins, people can now compete in the first Premier Season. What’s interesting is that those who’ve had a rank in the open beta will need to grind it again because everyone starts from 0. This means you will need to win 10 matches before you can get a specific rating.

Of course, the devs also fixed a lot of different kinds of bugs that affected the game. For example, the player reflections in the water area are now occluded by smoke, and Molotov fire now floats above the water instead of below it. 

In addition to the CS2 skins, the new game also adds a lot of different sound fixes, as well as new music. There’s also a new Store menu, where you can check different things that you can get. 

Expect a lot more details about CS2 in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to follow us for more information. 

Valve Earned $40M from Case Openings Just 40 Minutes after CS2’s release
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