Clash Royale: Teams and Players Announced for CRL S2 – China

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Clash Royale: Teams and Players Announced for CRL S2 – China

Clash Royale League (CRL) China’s second season will have six teams that participated in the first season. Joining them will be two new teams to compose the eight teams competing in this region. Nova eSports, LGD Gaming, Gen.G esports, JD Gaming, W.EDGM, and Team WE persist while X-Quest and Newbee replace OP and Snake Esports.

The Teams

Nova eSports looks to claim 1st place again with some roster changes. The core stays the same with Little Chen, Aaron, and Lciop remaining on the team but adding Yaoyao and B-King (formerly W.EDGM) to fill in the gaps.

W.EDGM makes a groundbreaking roster announcement with the signing of the first female professional player in CRL (Sia). The rest of the roster consists of their players from CRL S1 (Soloman, Nuomici, Yulin, Sr2112) as well as one player from OP (Higher).

Gen.G esports opts to field the same roster as the previous season, Winds, D.King, Xiaok, Che Shen, and Leir except for the addition of one new player Qingfeng.

JDG and Team WE pursue similar strategies, keeping their core three players and then adding some fresh blood to the roster. WanGe, Quiettime, and S stick together in JDG and add King and Novice to the roster. Sundy, YWMX, and YZZY continue to represent Team WE alongside the rookies NNLL, Magician, and Shan.

LGD guts their four-man roster to only one man Jiu.Bao and makes a bold move stealing Auk from Nova and completing their roster with Fearless (formerly OP) and M10.

Newbee emerges with a minimal roster of four players, Mu (formerly Snake Esports), Xiaosa (previously W.EDGM Spring season) and two new players Xun and Peas.

X-Quest also decides on a four-man roster with Houyi (formerly OP) leading the newcomers Granzort, Xiaoke, and Octopus.

Final Thoughts

Nova and W.EDGM look extremely strong and would be expected to continue their strong performances from the first season. Gen.G and JDG look solid as well, but with minimal roster changes, it is unlikely they will be able to overcome the giants that are Nova and W.EDGM. LGD is looking to turn things around after finishing 8th in the fall season last year, and hopefully, the addition of Auk can do just that. Keep your eye on the new teams X-Quest and Newbee as each team fields a new roster lead by a veteran as they try to surprise their opponents.

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