Clash Royale: CRL West Week 4 Highlights

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Clash Royale: CRL West Week 4 Highlights

NRG vs. SK

SK won the 2v2 set and ThunderStruck kicked off King of the Hill with a win for NRG over Soking. SergioRamos came out and swept NRG, taking down ThunderStruck, Hazard, and Carter to win the match for his team.

Team Liquid vs. Complexity

Complexity continues their dominance in 2v2 and Razzer secures them another win with an impressive sweep over Team Liquid. Complexity appears to have the most dominant and versatile roster in CRL West.

Team Liquid vs. Fnatic

Team Liquid manages a win in the 2v2 set and starts off King of the Hill with a win over Mikel. Javi14 defeats the entire Team Liquid roster to take the match to the third and final set, 1v1. In a close series, DiegoB repeats his win over Mikel in King of the Hill with a win in the 1v1 set.

Tribe vs. SK

SK win the 2v2 set and Tommy from Tribe looks in good shape to sweep King of the Hill with a 2-0 start, taking down Soking and SergioRamos. Morten steps up for SK and sweeps Tribe to win the match for SK. Morten breezes through Tommy, Nitram, and Jmonte and climbs to 2nd place in our 1v1 rankings.

Cream vs. Dignitas

Lucdubs makes his debut in CRL West in the match against Dignitas. He helps win the 2v2 set 2-0 then proceeds to crush King of the Hill with a clean sweep. Lucdubs took down Oxalate, Blaze, and Frost.

Complexity vs. paiN

The 2v2 set continues to be dominated by Complexity and leaves us wondering who is going to sweep King of the Hill for this match. Renan Cava from paiN surprises the viewers with wins over Airsurfer and Vulkan. The final game of the set pits Razzer against Renan Cava and is a nailbiter of a game. Renan Cava barely takes the win by punishing Razzer with a Graveyard push while his tower is ticking down from Poison damage and manages to destroy Razzer’s tower before his falls. In the 1v1 set Airsurfer from Complexity displayed the importance of preparation as he dismantled Wen 2-0 with two carefully selected decks to counter Wen’s comfort decks.

CRL West 1v1 Rankings

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