Clash Royale League West – Week 1 Recap

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Clash Royale League West – Week 1 Recap

Match 1 – Cream Esports vs. paiN Gaming (2-1)

paiN take the lead after winning the 2v2 set and Karnage puts paiN on match point by defeating DiegoE and Jose Brayan of Cream Esports in the King of the Hill set after Jose Brayan opens the set with a win over Surg TS. Phenomenal play from Lince takes the match to the third set after clutching King of the Hill avenging his teammates that fell victim to Karnage and topping it off with a victory over Wen. Wen and Lince meet again in the 1v1 set and Lince proves himself again after an exciting set, winning 2-1 in the set and the match for Cream Esports.

Match 2 – Tribe Gaming vs. Dignitas (1-2)

Tribe starts the match off with a win in 2v2 over the underdogs, Dignitas. Oxalate has a stunning performance in King of the Hill with a clean sweep over his former team. Oxalate defeated Tommy, Nitram, and B-rad to win the set in a series of nail-biting games, two of which went all the way to the end of overtime. With the match tied 1-1 Tribe’s star player from CRL Season 1, Tommy, is put against Eddie of Dignitas. In what many viewers would consider an upset, Eddie defeats Tommy 2-0 and Dignitas beats Tribe in their opening match.

Match 3 – Team Queso vs. Fnatic (0-2)

Fnatic wins the 2v2 set over the CRL Europe Season 1 Champs, Team Queso. Fei of Fnatic takes the lead in King of the Hill with wins over Azilys and DarkAngel. Beniju responds with a strong performance to take down Fei, and then Mikel brings the set to the final game. Fnatic wins the match 2-0 after Javi14 takes down Beniju, Team Queso’s last hope.

Match 4 – Misfits vs. Immortals (0-2)

The CRL North America Champions make a statement in their opening match. Ah Craaaap and thegod_rf take down Misfits in the 2v2 set and thegod_rf goes on to sweep the King of the Hill set over Trainer Chris, Wings, and Berin in a dominating fashion.

Match 5 – Team Queso vs. paiN Gaming (1-2)

The 2v2 set is won by paiN and the two teams traded games in King of the Hill until Azilys closes it out for Team Queso, beating Wen. DarkAngel represents Team Queso, and Karnage is his opponent from paiN Gaming for the 1v1 tiebreaker set. DarkAngel takes the lead 1-0 in an intense set that ends in a draw in the second game. Karnage comes back in the next two games to beat Team Queso.

Match 6 – Tribe Gaming vs. Complexity (2-0)

Tribe wins the first set against Complexity who switched up their 2v2 team from the dominant combo shown in Season 1. Adrian Piedra shows why he is the 1v1 specialist for Complexity taking a 2-0 lead in King of the Hill, defeating Tommy and B-rad. JMonte came out swinging and reverse swept Complexity to win the set and match.

Match 7 – Cream Esports vs. Fnatic (2-1)

Cream kicks the match off with a 2v2 victory, and after trading blows in King of the Hill, Fnatic wins with Fei beating Lince in the final game of the set. Lince of Cream Esports continues his dominance by beating Mikel in the 1v1 set with two wins and one draw and having one of the most impressive performances so far.

Match 8 – Team Liquid vs. Dignitas (2-0)

Team Liquid has an outstanding debut in this season of CRL with a quick 2-0 over Dignitas. They disposed of Dignitas in the 2v2 set, and then Surgical Goblin swept Oxalate, Tommy, and Frost convincingly in King of the Hill.

CRL West Week 1 Player Rankings

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