Clash Royale League: Week 5 – China Spring 2019

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Clash Royale League: Week 5 – China Spring 2019


Newbee maintains first place with a win versus LGD this week in an epic match. The first set in their match paired the two previously highest ranked players Newbee Peas and LGD Jiu.Bao and they did not disappoint. Jiu.Bao was victorious in the first game with a unique Hog Rider deck that utilized Rocket, Freeze, and Earthquake. Peas barely won the second game and then won the set in game three with his signature Goblin Barrel Mirror deck. NinjaHog made his debut this week for Newbee and crushed his opposition. NinjaHog defeated Auk 2-0 in the third set then All Killed LGD in King of the Hill flying up the 1v1 ranks to number five with a perfect record!


It’s a tight race to make it to playoffs, but W.EDGM beat Nova and Gen.g this week to secure second place after the fifth week of matches. Nuomici dominated his 1v1 sets and has been crowned first place in our rankings. W.EDGM breezed through Gen.g with a quick 3-0 victory, but Nova provided more resistance taking the set to the final game of King of the Hill.


Nova continues to put up strong results after a rocky start to the season. In the first couple weeks it looked doubtful if Nova would be able to make playoffs but now they are in a strong position to do so. Lciop and Little Chen stepped up for Nova’s 1v1 sets, taking crucial wins for the team and continuing to climb the rankings. The week started with Nova stomping WE 3-0 but on the third day of matches, Nova barely lost to W.EDGM which leaves them in third place.


Right on the edge of making playoffs, Gen.G needs to play better than ever for the remaining weeks in the season. This week Gen.G ended 1-1 in match scores, losing to W.EDGM but beating WE 3-1. It is likely Gen.G will have similar results next week with matches against X-Quest, who has no match wins yet. Gen.G is followed by LGD in the rankings and should keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t overtake them for a playoff spot.


The 1v1 bans this week haven’t changed too much from previous weeks, Baby Dragon and Inferno Tower are the most commonly banned cards followed by Golem. However, there has been a shift in the popularity of certain win conditions in 1v1 sets. Battle Ram falls from grace with a decrease of roughly 13% in use rate. Miner decks and Royal Giant decks remain as two of the most used win conditions but the Sparky Goblin Giant deck witnessed only several times in previous weeks was used in almost 12% of 1v1 games! This meta shift also brought in some changes in common decks as cards like Lightning and Rocket saw more use and were substituted in to counter Sparky.

Deck of the Week

Sparky gets some love in CRL with this interesting deck that combos Sparky with the Goblin Giant and strong defensive support cards complimented by a few versatile spells. Sparky demands an answer from the opponent or else it generates lots of value that can snowball into a victory.

Clash Royale Deck of the Week

CRL China 1v1 Player Rankings

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