Clash Royale Red Bull M.E.O. World Finals Concludes

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Clash Royale Red Bull M.E.O. World Finals Concludes

This past weekend we saw the live finals for the Red Bull M.E.O. Clash Royale tournament in Germany crown its champion. Participants from 36 countries had to qualify nationally before being eligible for the finals, meaning they are one of the top players from their country. After completing the group stage, the top four players from each of the groups were put into a 16 man bracket to fight their way to the trophy. There were a lot of new faces at the event mixed with a few veterans such as Sergioramos and Unstoppable. Thunderstruck put on an incredible performance to make it to the finals, beating the 2017 World Champion Sergioramos in the round of 8 and Schwarzen from Germany who came first in his group to make it to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, the Austrian representative YYYY destroyed his competition to meet Thunderstruck in the final series, a best of seven.

Thunderstruck takes game one convincingly, but game two barely snags a win after a heart-pounding race in overtime. YYYY falls again in game three to Thunderstruck’s Log Bait deck, and his tournament life's on the line. In the fourth game, YYYY uses his Barb Hut + Battle Ram deck to dispose of Thunderstruck’s 3M and tries to make a comeback. In another extremely close game that dips into overtime, YYYY squeaks out a victory after a clutch miner block with his ice golem that left his tower with only 56 health! YYYY continues his comeback with another win and ties the series 3-3, the next game will determine the Red Bull M.E.O. World Champion. Thunderstruck’s Pekka Battle Ram deck matches up well against the Royal Giant deck of YYYY and results in a convincing win to crush YYYY’s dreams of a comeback and crowning Thunderstruck from the UK the Champion!

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