Clash Royale League: Season 2 Announcement

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Clash Royale League: Season 2 Announcement

The community has been waiting with anticipation for information on the second season of the Clash Royale League (CRL). Finally, Supercell has revealed via a series of Twitter posts their thoughts and plans for the league this year. The main points are as follows:

1. There will be three regions for CRL Season 2, CRL China, CRL Asia, and CRL West. CRL West will be a combination of three regions (North America, Europe, and Latin America) from the first season.

2. CRL West will only have around 12 teams (similar to CRL Asia) instead of the total of 24 teams that participated in NA, EU, and LA (8 per region). Stated to bring a consistent format with the other two regions.

3. Like CRL Asia/China, West will have two seasons, Spring and Fall.

4. CRL West will be produced out of a studio in Los Angeles.

5. CRL China and Asia remain unchanged with the former being composed of teams from China and the latter representing teams from Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

The Clash Royale competitive scene will be significantly impacted by the changes mentioned above. CRL Teams will have a larger pool of players to choose from because of the removal of region lock. Pro players will be fighting for fewer spots because of the reduction in the total number of teams. Which should result in higher level gameplay as only the very best players will get picked up by a professional organization.

We should see CRL increase in total viewers by uniting the three regions into one instead of having a split viewer base. There will also be higher quality and more consistent production because CRL West is all produced in one location and the hiccups experienced in season one have been ironed out. Consolidating the three regions is good for the longevity of the league as well. It reduces the cost of operating the league while also improving the experience; this shows that Supercell is concerned with the long-term success of the league and has plans for the future.

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