Evan Kent

Evan Kent

Evan "AwDaSea" Kent is a former Clash Royale Pro who competed in various offline and online tournaments. His most notable finish was 2nd place at The Crown Duel and being the 10th highest ranked player in prize earnings for 2016. Evan stepped away from competitive play to coach both individuals and teams and provide quality written content.


Clash Royale League: China Spring 2019 - Week 2

Clash Royale League
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Another week concludes and the storylines that emerged during Week 1 continue to develop.


Newbee continue their streak and remain undefeated, sitting at first place with four wins. The team has been dominant in 1v1 sets with Peas (the #1 ranked player according to our rankings) anchoring the team as well as Xun and Xiaosa putting up results when needed.


Struggling through another week is the other new team X-Quest, still unable to win a match. X-Quest performs adequately in 2v2, winning two out of four sets but their 1v1 game is another story. The players have abysmal results in 1v1 with three of their players occupying the last three places in ESTNN’s Player Rankings and their strongest player, Houyi, boasting a 40% win rate. X-Quest trails behind the other teams with four losses and needs to make drastic changes immediately if they want a shot at making playoffs this season.


Nova has underperformed compared to the World Champion team they were last year. Similar to X-Quest, the weakness in Nova’s roster is with their execution in the 1v1 sets. There is potential with Lciop and Little Chen who are both world-class players so maybe there is a problem with their practice regime or analysis and preparation. Keep an eye on Nova over the next couple weeks to see if they return to form.


It will be exciting to see how LGD performs over the next two weeks with two matches played each week. Right now they are in second place but have only played a total of two matches in the first two weeks, squeaking out a victory against JDG and breezing past Gen.g. Jiu.Bao is the player to watch on LGD who currently holds a 100% win rate in 1v1 sets at 6-0.

The Meta

There is a bit of a shift as Royal Giant was used less in Week 2 and more players opted to use a Miner or Ram Rider deck. Miner decks made up over 25% of the decks used in 1v1 sets with several variations being prevalent. Miner Poison Control with Inferno Tower or Pekka and Miner Balloon decks composed the majority of them.

Meta Deck(s) of the Week

 Miner Control (Poison) aims to eliminate threats and win via chip damage from counterattacks, the furnace, miner, and poison. Possible card substitutions: Goblin Hut for Furnace, Dark Prince for Prince, Snowball/Barbarian Barrel for Zap.

Clash Royale Meta Deck

For a more explosive option, you can try the Balloon variant of Miner Control. This deck utilizes the Inferno Tower to handle Beat Down decks but rather than using chip damage relies on escorting the Balloon to your opponent’s tower with a quick cycle.

Clash Royale Deck

CRL China Player Rankings: April 1, 2019

RankPlayerTeamWLTWin %PTS
1(-)Peas (豆豆)Newbee1241675.00%1684
2(-)Jiu.Bao (久宝宝)LGD66100.00%1546
3(+4)WanGe (挽歌)JDG51683.33%1336
4(+1)Nuomici (糯米糍)W.EDGM731163.64%1312
5(New)QuietTime (静战者)JDG22100.00%1190
6(+18)Higher (嗨尔)W.EDGM541050.00%1154
7(+9)Xun (陈)Newbee661250.00%1150
8(-5)D.King (单王)Gen.G54955.56%1142
9(New)Magician (魔法师)WE21366.67%1140
10(-2)Aaron (老中医)Nova21366.67%1120
11(+2)Shan (泗水山)WE54955.56%1118
12(-3)Auk (诶呦仔397)LGD21366.67%1100
13(-9)sunDY (太阳)WE851361.54%1086
14(+8)Fearless (无忌)LGD34837.50%1020
15(+12)Houyi (后裔)XQ571241.67%1014
16(+10)Novice (言葉)JDG24633.33%978
17(New)YuLin (钰麟)W.EDGM12333.33%974
18(-3)Xiaok (小K)Gen.g34742.86%966
19(-9)Winds (所追寻的风)Gen.G551145.45%940
20(-14)Xiaosa (潇洒)Newbee671346.15%938
21(-4)King (可乐)JDG12333.33%930
22(+1)YZZY (亚洲之鹰)WE34837.50%924
23(-5)Yaoyao (尧尧)Nova12333.33%918
24(-3)S (深哥哥)JDG110.00%896
25(-14)Lciop (诺克发的力量)Nova35837.50%884
26(-12)Little Chen (小陈)Nova24633.33%880
27(New)B-King (小钢炮)Nova12333.33%834
28(-16)Solo Man (门神)W.EDGM471136.36%794
29(-4)Xiaoke (筱可)XQ15616.67%772
30(-11)Granzort (素素)XQ15616.67%684
31(-11)Octopus (小章鱼)XQ16812.50%656

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