Chun Li Fortnite Skin – When Will Popular Season 5 Skin Return?

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Chun Li Fortnite Skin – When Will Popular Season 5 Skin Return?

The Chun Li Fortnite skin has become maybe one of the most popular in Fortnite’s many crossovers. When is the skin next showing up and what has made it so popular though?

The Chun Li Fortnite skin originally hit the game as part of a wider Street Fighter collab. She was included, so was Ryu, and even some more out there characters like Sakura and Blanka! Yet, it’s definitely Fortnite Chun Li that’s had the most lasting impact on the game out of that whole collab. She’s even had popular skins in other Battle Royales since, like Free Fire X Fortnite Just why is the Chun Li Fortnite Skin so popular?

Beyond just being popular, the Street Fighter X Fortnite collab is one of the crossovers that hasn’t been around in a while. You’ll spot Chun Li near constantly in Fortnite streamers' content, even official art from the game. However, the Fortnite Chun li skin isn’t making its way to the item shop all too regularly, which leads us to assume that she is flying off the shelves whenever it comes back to the game!

If you’re looking to pick the skin up or just wondering what all of the fuss is about, then this is all you need to know about the Chun Li Fortnite Skin.

Chun Li Fortnite Skin – Who is Chun Li?

Chun Li Fortnite Skin

To a lot of gamers, Chun Li is just as iconic as Mario and Sonic. One of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters, and probably one of the most recognisable characters in the whole of fighting game epsorts. She’s had another life since getting into Fortnite though. Here, she isn’t fighting with trademark kicks. Instead, with guns, swords, and sometimes even Lightsabers or Fortnite Spider-Man web shooters.

The Chun Li Fortnite skin brings the Street Fighter character into the game. Alongside Ryu and Ken, she’s one of the most popular characters in the game. Chun Li first appeared in Street Fighter II and has quickly become a fan favorite. She’s a regular across SF games. In the most recent title, Street Fighter 6, she might even be one of the better characters regularly popping up higher in SF 6 tier lists.

That’s who Fortnite Chun Li is outside of the Battle Royale. What about in the game? She originated in a smaller but particularly fun crossover.

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Street Fighter X Fortnite

Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li appear over a purple wasteland area from Fortnite as the background

Fortnite has tons of crossovers. At this point, it’s half the game. We can’t get through a single Battle Pass without seeing Fortnite Darth Vader or anime characters showing up! However, the Street Fighter X Fortnite crossover was a little smaller.

This first came to the game in Fortnite Chapter 2, back when collabs were mainly just store events like Fortnite X Naruto (Unless you’re Marvel of course). That’s exactly what we got with Street Fighter X Fortnite. This was a crossover that brought cosmetics to the store, there was even a way to get it as a free Fortnite skin thanks to the game’s tournament. Although, there wasn’t any content in-game.

The Chun Li Fortnite skin came in the first batch along with Ryu. We later got more characters like Blanka, Sakura, and Cammy. However, the Fortnite Chun Li skin was definitely the immediate favorite with fans.

Why is the Chun Li Fortnite Skin so Popular?

You’ll see the Fortntie Chun Li skin pop up in loads of Fortnite content, with everyone seeming to quite like this version of the character! That might be down to it being a cool representation of a different game, complete with multiple styles and more. Or, it could be something a bit less wholesome. When trying to figure out why Chun Li Fortnite is so popular, there’s one reason that a lot of people online seem to like the skin. The proportions.

Chun Li Fortnite Skin

Chun Li is famous for a muscle lower build, with a move set in SF relying on kicks. This was carried over to Fortnite. In short, she has a body type with different proportions to a lot of different skins in Fortnite. Eventually, we got more skins with a similar shape, but a lot of more grown-up or mind-in-the-gutter Fortnite fans can’t quite get over the Chun Li skin. Maybe most famously, Sypher PK, one of the biggest Fortnite streamers and apparently a big fan of the Chun Li Fortnite skin.

There are plenty of reasons Fortnite Chun li is a popular skin. Even outside of the different character model, Chun Li is one of the nicer crossover skins Epic has done. The SF skins translate perfectly into Fortnite’s world. They’ve got a more cartoony style than those high-end SF graphics, but it’s a perfect representation for Epic Games’ Battle Royale. Plus, you can now main the same character in Battle Royale and over in the SF 6 lobbies!

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How to Get Chun Li Fortnite Skin

Chun Li Fortnite Skin

The Chun Li Fortnite skin is defiantly popular, how can you get her in game? There’s one way and it’s a bit irritating, but it’s basically all you’ve got. You need to pay.

The Chun Li Fortnite skin is an item shop exclusive. There was a tournament when it dropped that gave the opportunity to get it for free. By competing in a Fortnite esports event, you’d get a free skin if you placed highly enough. Now, this was quite a while ago. If you didn’t win, you didn’t get it and likely already know how to get the Chun Li Fortnite skin. If not there’s only one method, the item shop.

The Chun Li item shop skin will be in the store periodically. When listed, it’s available for 1,600 V-Bucks! It was also available with a backbling, which tied into a wider Street Fighter style with an arcade machine. This wasn’t a Battle Pass and it was before Epic launched event passes like Star Wars X Fortnite. This is the only way to get the skin!

Is Fortnite Chun Li Coming Back to the Item Shop Soon?

Fortnite Chun Li

Since the item shop is the only method that you can use to get the Fortnite Chun Li skin, you’re going to be at the mercy of Epic’s store rotation. The Street Fighter skins have been gone for a little while. They haven’t been accessible, and won’t be back until Epic wants to put them back in the shop. Since Chun Li is a crossover skin, it’s a bit more complicated than holding on for the shop rotation though.

The Chun Li Fortnite skin is only going to come back when all the Street Fighter items do. As a crossover skin, we’re unsure if this needs to be timing agreed upon by both Capcom and Epic, or if Epic has the freedom to re-release the skins anytime they want. In any case, the crossover skins have a pretty sparse schedule, they don’t come back all that often.

If you’re dying to unlock the Chun Li Fortnite skin, you will probably just have to wait for her to come back to the store! There’s actually no telling when that will be. In the meantime, there are plenty of other crossover characters which are available. More recently, you can get Optimus Prime in Fortnite along with other weirder characters. You’ll just have to hold on and keep checking the item shop for the skin coming back though.