Fortnite: Street Fighter Is The Latest Crossover In Season 5

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Fortnite: Street Fighter Is The Latest Crossover In Season 5

Street Fighter characters will soon join Fortnite’s expansive lineup of character.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 has featured arguably the most collaborations in the game’s almost four-year history. Thus far, Kratos, Master Chief, The Walking Dead, Terminator and Predator are just a few of the numerous crossovers that developer Epic Games managed to pull. It makes sense, considering this season’s focus on ‘hunters,’ which are characters that Fortnite mascot Jonesy continues to grab from different universes. Season 5 is winding down rather quickly, with an anticipated end date of March 15. Regardless, a recent leak revealed that characters from a popular fighting game series would join Fortnite relatively soon.

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Fortnite x Street Fighter

The teases came through late last night and early this morning from numerous Fortnite leakers. Lucas7yoshi revealed the newest portal on the Season 5 map, which depicts a fighting stage in Street Fighter. Fellow Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR confirmed that the two new additions would be one male and one female. Although the exact characters from this legendary video game aren’t clear, many believe Ryu and Chun Li will be the two additions. It would make sense, considering these two fighters are arguably the game’s most relevant characters.

When Will the Street Fighter Characters be in the Item Shop?

The past few months have shown Fortnite fans that the developers are quick to pull the trigger on new crossover characters. Epic may drop the Street Fighter cosmetics within the next couple of days. We won’t know for sure until the official Fortnite account tweets out an audio log from Jonesy, who has been on a journey across multiple video game and movie universes. You’ll want to check back here for an official release date when Fortnite announces the information.

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