Fortnite: $10k SypherPK Cup Complete Results & Leaderboard

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Fortnite: $10k SypherPK Cup Complete Results & Leaderboard

Find out who won SypherPK’s Fortnite tournament!

Three-hundred teams reached the finals of Fortnite’s first-ever SypherPK Cup. The tournament – created in honor of veteran content creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan – bolstered a $10K USD prize pool with a trios format specific to NA East servers. The two-round competition saw over 270K sign-ups, which speaks volumes for how respected SypherPK is in the competitive scene. Only 300 trios reached the finals, where first place would collect $2K USD. The last round featured SypherPK himself and top players such as MrSavage, Cented, Commandment, Zayt, Saf and many others, but only one could claim victory.

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Jahq, Acorn and Slackes Take the Win

Slurpy Swamp residents Jahq, Acorn and Slackes, bounced back from two rough games early and ran the table in their final seven matches. These three players strung together an outstanding display, including two Victory Royales, 74 eliminations and 197 total points. That performance was good enough for the SypherPK Cup victory, netting them $2K USD to split evenly. This momentum will carry Jahq, Acorn and Slackes into this weekend’s FNCS Qualifier 2.

Chapter 2 – Season 4 runners-up – Commandment, Cented and Edgey – produced yet another impressive tournament showing. The three players combined for 181 points, with three Victory Royales and 54 eliminations, netting them $1.4K USD. Kreo, Avery and Illest rounded out the top three with 178 points. Khanada’s team claimed fourth place while the new European trio of Umplify, Matsoe and benjyfishy snagged fifth. Here are the top-ten finishers from the SypherPK Cup:

  1. Slackes, Acorn, Jahq – 197 points – $2,001
  2. Commandment, Cented, Edgey – 181 points – $1,401
  3. Kreo, Avery, Illest – 178 points – $1,200
  4. Bucke, Khanada, MackWood – 165 points – $999
  5.  Umplify, Matsoe, benjyfishy – 163 points – $900
  6. noob teyo, Savage, Chimp – 162 points – $801
  7. Crumblerr, Nexy, Noul – 157 points – $750
  8. pure osp, Bully, Fryst – 155 points – $699
  9. Zayt, Saf, Stretch – 154 points – $651
  10. Avivv, Trashy, Rise – 152 points – $600
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Locked and Loaded for Qualifier 2

Many of these top squads are now in good shape with some extra cash in their pocket before the second FNCS Qualifier. Hopefully, Epic Games will continue partnering with influential names in the Fortnite scene for more tournaments. It’s an exciting way to test different formats and scoring systems.

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