Everything in Today’s Item Shop in Fortnite

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Everything in Today’s Item Shop in Fortnite

What’s new in today’s item shop in Fortnite?  There are fresh items here today and some old favorites sticking around, this is everything that’s in the Fortnite current item shop.

Most days you can probably see the item shop today has some cool new skins, some old favorites, and some things that often hang around far too long. If you want some of the rarest Fortnite skins, you might miss them unless you see every day’s picks!

The Fortnite current item shop selection changes every day! There are some items that stick around for most of a season, but usually Epic cycles things out. What’s currently in today’s item shop in Fortnite?

We’ve got the full Fortnite current item shop selection, plus everything else you need to know. Like how often the whole store refreshes. The new items in the Fortnite shop today, and what’s sticking around for the long whole.

Today’s Item Shop in Fortnite: What’s in the Item Shop Today?

These are all of the Items featured in today’s Fortnite Item Shop, returning and brand new.

Spring Into Action

Babbit and Hopper - Fortnite Item Shop

  • Hopper (1,200)
  • Spring Breaker (800)
  • Babbit (800)
  • Bold Bar (500)
  • Bunny Bundle (2,500)
  • Bunya (800)
  • Bunny Brawler (1,500)
  • Bunzy (200)
  • Ceecee (800)
  • Egg Drop Scoop (200)
  • Hopscotch (800)
  • Whiska (800)

Lantern Fest

Fornite Lantern Fest - Today's Item Shop in Fortnit

  • Anwar (1,200)
  • Noorah (1,200)
  • Shugoki (1,200)
  • Sypher's Scimitar (800)
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SypherPK Fortnite Skin

  • SypherPK (1,800)
  • Answar (1,200)
  • Noorah (1,200)
  • Potassius Peels (1,200)
  • Smoulders (800)
  • The El Durrado (200)



  • Brite Gunner (1,500)
  • Rainbow Smash (1,500)
  • Brite Bundle (2,000)
  • Maven (1,200)
  • Ruckus (1,200)
  • Match Point (800)

Lady Gaga

  • Chromatic Armor Gaga (1,500)
  • Chromatica Bass (1,000)
  • Chromatica Mic (1,000)
  • Rain Check (500)

Today's Item Shop in Fortnite - Fortnite Lady Gaga

Rocket Racing

Diestro - Today's Item Shop in Fortnite

  • Diestro Bundle (1,500)
  • Lamborghini Huracàn STO (3,500)

Original Spotlight

Oro and Oralia - Fortnite Item Shop

  • Oro (2,000)
  • Skellon (1,500)
  • Show Ya (500)
  • Dude (1,200)
  • Dude (1,200)
  • Electro Shuffle (800)
  • Orelia (1,500)
  • Tribute's Flail (1,200)
  • Beach Bomber (1,200)
  • Diverge (800)
  • Dynamic Hush
  • Golden Ascensjon (500)
  • Scoops and Slices Bundle (1,000)
  • The Golden Touch (800)
  • Brite (300)
  • Clean Cut (500)
  • Payload (500)
  • Silent Sting (500)
  • Verge Bundle  (1,500)
  • Verge (800)

Rock Out with Fender

  • Kick It (200)
  • Windmill Stomp (200)

Durr Burger

Today's Fortnite Item Shop - Durr Burger

  • Beef Boss (1,500)
  • Stacked Bundle (3,200)

Nike Airphoria Vol 2

Fortnite Nike Airphoria Vol 2

  • Airphorian (1,500)
  • Eclipse (1,500)
  • Vac N'Hack (800)
  • Fresh Out The box (500)

Gear for Festival

  • Pincer (1,000)
  • Playing Mantis (1,000)
  • Roll Up (200)

That’s everything in the Item Shop today. There are some stand-out features. As the first week of a new season, we've got new skins and some interesting returning items. It's a bit of a lighter shop for crossovers right now, with more sections focusing on Epic's original characters.

Lady Gaga will be here until Festival Season 2 ends. This is our first shop of Chapter 5's second season! Although, it's an item shop bridging the seasons, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what new bundles are coming.

When Does the Fortnite Current Item Shop Refresh?

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That’s what’s in today’s item shop in Fortnite. How often do we actually get new items though? There’s a set time when the item shop ticks over. Most days this means half the items get cycled out for something different. The time is the same, but it will vary depending on your time zone. This is when it resets for players.

  • 00:00 UTC
  • 05:00 PT
  • 08:00 ET
  • 01:00 CE
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That’s the main time zone. Today’s Fortnite item shop will only be around until then, and then it’s gone! If there’s an item you’ve been agonizing over though, it won’t always disappear straight away. Most things other than daily picks get a few days in the store before they cycle out.

Why Is the Fortnite Shop Today Empty?

Every now and again, we get to the Fortnite item shop refresh date, and nothing happens. The store keeps its bundles and quest packs… but nothing replaces the old stuff. In these cases, it’s typically down to a simple bug.

Epic has the item shop scheduled. It doesn’t rely on players downloading a fresh patch every day. This means from time to time there can be problems that take some time to fix. These are rare bugs, since Epic typically takes care of the part of the game where you spend your hard-earned, or free, V-bucks. However, there are still occasional problems.

If the Fortnite item Shop is empty, keep an eye out for an official update. There might be a problem with the Fortnite servers, or a glitch that’ll be fixed with a new patch. Usually, the Fortnite items shop is back up and running pretty quickly.  Today’s item shop in Fortnite is working fine, but we did have this bug pretty recently.

Everything in Today’s Item Shop in Fortnite
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