Can You Play Lethal Company Solo? – Basic Tips and Tricks

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Can You Play Lethal Company Solo? – Basic Tips and Tricks

Can you play Lethal Company solo? Yes, you can play the game solo though it is quite risky. Hence, keep on reading for tips and tricks on how to do so

Lethal Company is a viral co-op survival horror indie game published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss and it is currently in early access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world. A corporate organization named the “Company” hires players on a contract to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. Employees are put together in a crew of 4 because, during these exploration adventures on the moons, players come face to face with all sorts of monsters. These monsters range from completely harmless and passive creatures straight to instant one-hit killers.

However, many players of the game ask, can you play Lethal Company solo? Why yes, of course you can. Hence, keep on reading to learn how the answer to the question, can you play Lethal Company solo, is yes and the basic tips and tricks for doing so easily.

Can you play Lethal Company Solo? 

Can You Play Lethal Company Solo? - Basic Tips and Tricks

Even though Lethal Company is a mainly multiplayer game, players can attempt to play the game solo by all means. However, be warned that it will not be an easy task because the quota increases by almost double every time you complete one and combatting monsters alone is very hard. Carrying a lot of scraps back to the ship by one’s lone self is extremely difficult because players only have 4 inventory slots in the game and they need to carry tools for survival as well. For this reason, players ask the very important question, “Can you play Lethal Company solo?” 

As hard as it may seem, the first 4 to 5 quotas are doable alone but after that, it can get very troublesome to even survive because to complete higher quotas you need to travel to moons with higher value scrap, i.e., Intermediate (Tier 2) and Hard (Tier 3) moons. Regardless, if you follow some basic strategies and play tactfully, you can conquer the game as a solo player. Hence, we have created a list of some basic tips and tricks for playing the game solo, which are given as follows: 

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Get Proper Tools

As soon as you start the game, you need to provide yourself with the right tools to be able to survive even on the beginner or Tier 1 maps. Tier 1 or beginners are known to host pesky monsters like the Hoarding Bugs, Spore Lizards and Snare Fleas which are annoying, to say the least, so tools are necessary against them. Fortunately, as you are going to be doing the scrap runs solo, there will be no need for a walkie talkie. Then, what do you need to buy for your scrap runs? Some items that you need to buy for your solo scrap runs in Lethal Company are given as follows along with their cost in the Store: 

  • Shovel – 30 Credits 
  • Pro Flashlight – 25 Credits
  • Stun Grenade – 30 Credits 
  • Lockpicker – 20 Credits (Efficient door unlocking)
  • Radar Booster60 Credits (Additional light boost, monster distraction)
  • Jetpack700 Credits (Easy traveling)

When you start the game, you only start with 60 Credits, so you will not be able to buy all the items at once. Look out for sales in the store constantly, because the 70% or 80% sales can get you a Jetpack for 150-220 Credits. It is best to start with Pro Flashlight and Shovel, then complete the quotas and buy the rest of the items as you move forward. It is advisable to keep only 2 times at a time in your inventory and opt for keeping the rest outside or just inside the Main Entrance. 

Looks For Bee Hives: Easy Money!

The best to complete the quota as a solo employee in Lethal Company is to look for Bee Hives in the game. Getting a Bee Hive can immediately earn you a whopping 120 or more Credits, depending on the Random Number Generator (RNG) in the game at the time. Follow our Bee Hive guide to properly extract the loot without dying to the Circuit Bees. 

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Cautionary Tips

Some basic tips that you need for exercising caution against dying in the game are given as follows: 

  • Always watch your back when you’re inside the facility for sneak Brackens and Coil Heads.

  • Always look up at the ceiling when entering a hallway to bait Snare Fleas into falling down and then beat them to death with a Shovel.

  • Right Mouse Button (RMB) is your best friend, scan all your surroundings constantly to easily find scraps that are near you.

  • Leave the moon before 5:00 PM at all costs because this is the general time when lethal monsters spawn outside.

  • As soon as your inventory is filled with scrap, drop it off outside the Main Entrance or in a spot close to the Ship’s entrance.

  • When you’re outdoors, avoid making any sort of noise to avoid being pummeled to death by an Eyeless Dog.

  • Watch out for health damage and try your best not to get any fall damage until and unless you are in a position to be able to leave instantly.

  • Avoid moons with a weather event, specifically ones that can kill you easily because each weather event comes with its own hazards. 


Needless to say, playing solo in the game is not really as hard as some people make it out to be. If you play strategically and look out for all of your surroundings, you can make it to great heights in the game. Hence, can you play Lethal Company solo? Yes, you surely can if you make sure to check out all the tips and tricks given above about playing solo. Also, check out our creatures’ spawn rates guide to know about the monsters' spawns in different moons and stay tuned for more Lethal Company content from ESTNN in the future!

Can You Play Lethal Company Solo? – Basic Tips and Tricks
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