Lethal Company Eyeless Dog: Everything You Need To Know

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Lethal Company Eyeless Dog: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to learn about the Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company? Then, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know

Lethal Company is a very trending co-op survival horror game that was published in October 2023 by the developer, Zeekeerss which is currently in early access. The game is set in a retrofuturistic and post-apocalyptic dystopian world where the players are hired by a corporate organization named the “Company” to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale. During these exploration adventures on the moons, players have to face many lethal creatures, which range from entirely harmless to instant one-hit killers. 

One such deadly creature that can be found outside the buildings or outdoors on the different moons is the Eyeless Dog. It is one of the most terrifying creatures that can be found in the game and when you encounter it, you need to be completely silent and escape as quietly as possible. In that case, what exactly is this lethal creature and how do you even escape it? Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company. 

Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company

The Eyeless Dog is a giant creature that can be found outdoors on a moon during your explorations. When you face it, you will see that it is a huge dog-like creature. As its name suggests, the creature is blind and only moves using its other senses, mostly noise. It has a massive mouth filled with sharp teeth to match its huge body. Being a creature with no eyes, it has supersonic hearing which lets it navigate through its surroundings. 

The dog measures its surroundings with the Noise Loudness level which is greater than or equal to 0.25 for each sound in the game. Each noise that the dog detects is one counter added to its suspicion level and it can go up to a maximum of 9 before the dog becomes enraged. Each time the dog investigates a noise and finds nothing, its suspicion level decreases by 1 every 4 seconds. If the suspicion level goes down to 1 or lower, it stops investigating and goes back to roaming normally. 

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The creature attacks by going into an enraged state and lunging blindly at the last known location of a sound it detected. When lunging, you can dodge the dog as it cannot see you and change its track midway. If the dog lunges and does not find anything, it slides across the ground before stopping and lunging again toward the next location where it detects any type of noise.

How to successfully escape the Eyeless Dog in Lethal Company

As mentioned before, the Eyeless Dog is a creature that has a massive body and is blind. For this reason, it has supersonic hearing which lets it pick up on noise nearby quite quickly. Hence, how do you even escape the creature without being chewed up in its massive jaws? 

Well, the best way to go about escaping the Eyeless Dog is to be stealthy. One of the first steps you need to take against this creature is to look for signs of it being nearby and avoid going near that area altogether. If that is not possible, then it is best to crouch immediately when you spot the creature and move slowly. Crouching eliminates all noises of movement that a player makes. It is also advisable to just stop speaking as the creature can also detect noise from your microphone and come lunging at you. 

Another tactic that you can try is climbing to high ground as the Eyeless Dog cannot jump or climb. You can climb to the top of the ship and alert your teammates so that they can lure the dog away and you can get inside the ship. One of the easiest ways to lure the dog is by using an air horn, boombox or toy robot or any item that makes constant noise. You can also kill the dog, but it is quite hard to do without having a full team with effective communication going at it together. Killing the dog by yourself can be done by using lightning, luring it towards a sparking item and letting it die. 

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Lethal Company Eyeless Dog: Everything You Need To Know
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As for killing it in a team, you can do it using three shovels and a zap gun. You need to lure the dog to an open space and then zap it with the zap gun to stun it. As soon as the dog is stunned, the other 3 players need to close in and hit it constantly with their shovels. This will eventually kill the creature after 7 or so hits, but you need to maintain effective communication as mentioned before. 


Needless to say, the Eyeless Dog might look like a blind giant monster who you can easily sidestep and leave but it is actually a deadly creature who is listening to your every move and can kill you in the blink of an eye with sheer brute force. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about this creature and escape this giant monster to continue your exploration journey on the moon safely. Make sure to check out our all monsters in Lethal Company guide for information on all the other creatures in the game and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future!

Lethal Company Eyeless Dog: Everything You Need To Know
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