Paris Major 2023: Asia-Pacific RMR Schedule and Results

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The full schedule and results for Paris Major's Asia-Pacific RMRs.

The road to Paris Major 2023 is starting with the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) events beginning today. Four different regional competitions on different timezones, and sometimes playing concurrently, might be hard to follow. This article is your hub for everything Asia-Pacific RMR, from the schedules and standings to the results of each game along the way. Paris Major 2023 Dates and Format

The first Valve-sponsored Major event of the year will be organized by BLAST and held in Paris. The tournament will start on May 8 and will run till the May 21 Grand Finals, held in the Accor Arena. The Major consists of three different stages on the following dates:

  • Challengers Stage: May 8 – May 11
  • Legends Stage: May 13 – May 16
  • Champions Stage: May 18 – May 21

24 teams competing in these three stages are determined by the regional RMR events and they compete for the grand prize of €1.25M.

16 teams from East Asia, Southeastern Asia and Oceania met in the APAC RMR hosted in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar to determine the two teams that will represent the region at the Paris Major 2023. Asia-Pacific RMR is also the sole exception in its format compared to the other RMRs. The tournament isn't in a Swiss format, but rather a traditional double-elimination bracket. All the elimination and advancement matches in the bracket will be played as a Bo3, and the remaining games will be Bo1s.

Unfortunately, Day 1 of the event had a long delay after the first game between The MongolZ and Twisted Minds due to some unexpected circumstances. When the wait time reach over five hours, organizers decided to postpone the remaining games.

Fans can watch both the Paris Major 2023 and the qualifying RMRs via the BLAST Twitch and Youtube channels.

Asia-Pacific RMR Schedule and Results

Thursday, April 6

  • Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
    • The MongolZ 16 – 10 Twisted Minds

Friday, April 7

  • Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
    • Rare Atom 16 – 6 VERTEX
    • Grayhound 16 – 8 TYLOO
    • Eruption 16 – 6 Invictus International
  • Upper Bracket Semifinals
    • The MongolZ 16 – 11 Rare Atom
    • Grayhound 16 – 12 Eruption
  • Lower Bracket Round 1
    • Twisted Minds 2 – 1 VERTEX
    • TYLOO 2 – 0 Invictus International

Saturday, April 8

  • Lower Bracket Semifinals
    • Eruption 1 -2 Twisted Minds
    • Rare Atom 2 – 0 TYLOO

Sunday, April 9

  • Upper Bracket Final
    • The MongolZ 1 – 2 Grayhound
  • Lower Bracket Final
    • Twisted Minds 0 – 2 Rare Atom
  • Consolidation Final
    • The MongolZ 2 – 0 Rare Atom

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