Best Valorant Strats for Attacking Ascent B Site in 2023

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Best Valorant Strats for Attacking Ascent B Site in 2023

Dominate your ranked games on Ascent by using these strats when attacking the B Site

Ascent, the first map introduced after Valorant's beta phase, has been a constant fixture in the map pool since the game's official launch. Alongside Haven, it stands as one of the only maps predating 2023 that has never been rotated out. The community holds a love-hate relationship with this Venice-themed map. While some like its relatively straightforward design, others find fault in it for precisely the same reason, resulting in a mixed sentiment.

Ascent arguably has the most simple layout out of all the 10 maps of Valorant. Comprising two sites and a lengthy mid-section, it's widely regarded as a defender-friendly map, primarily due to the limited strats available to attackers. Its defense favor has been clearly demonstrated In the recent VCT events, as teams have consistently achieved more success on Defense than on Attack.

Still, with the right tactics, attaining success on Attack is more than possible. However, it's paramount to formulate well-thought-out plans and implement them with precision. Fortunately, you don't need to venture into custom games to craft and perfect these strategies; we're here to provide you with all the tactical insights you need.

Valorant Ascent B Site Strat


Best Ascent B-Site Attacking Strat

The B Site of Ascent is hard to take, no doubt. More often than not, you will be playing against a Killjoy on the opposing team, and the B-Site is perfect for Killjoy to hold. Without proper planning, it is extremely hard to brute force your way into the site. 

However, it is still possible to infiltrate the site despite Killjoy’s defenses if you make a coordinated and planned attack. A proper team composition will help you a lot in this case. For the best agent comp on Ascent, check out this guide. If you happen to be running a similar agent composition or at least one that closely resembles it, we are here to present you with the most effective strategies for launching attacks on the B-Site of Ascent.

The 3-2 Split

The best way to take B-Site is to split your team into two parts and try to infiltrate the Site from two different directions. Two players should go from the main, while the rest of the three should try to go from mid to B. The best part about this strat is that it diverts your opponents’ focus in different parts of the map, making it easier for you to deal with them.

When splitting your team, consider the following arrangement: The Sentinel(preferably Killjoy) and one Initiator( Preferably KAYO) should go from Main, while the Duelist, Smoker, and Sova take Mid-control.

The responsibility of initiating the play falls on the Controller agent. Ask your team's Omen or Astra to smoke off Catwalk and CT-Spawn. This way, you will be safe from the A-link area, and the opponent can't get a free peek of you from CT. With these smokes, the enemies are bound to fight you in a disadvantageous situation or give up control of Mid-Area.  Depending on the specific Controller agent in your lineup, you can also ask for either Blind or Pull in the Market area.Valorant Screenshot 2023.09.06

Sova’s role in the attacking side of Ascent is the most crucial. You cannot expect to get control of any crucial part of the map without Sova’s scouting abilities. In this strat, you'll rely on the Russian agent to either employ his Recon Bolt or the Owl Drone to clear Bottom-Mid from the Tiles area. While recon is faster, using the Drone is a more solid approach. Following the scouting phase, Sova should promptly regroup with his teammates in Mid to help them finish the execution.

Valorant Screenshot 2023.09.06

The role of the Duelist in this strat is both straightforward and utterly vital. While using other Duelists is feasible, Jett is the preferred choice. The Duelist's primary responsibility is taking entry into the Site. While securing the first kill as a Duelist can be advantageous, it's not imperative on Attack; what truly matters is creating space for your team. The Jett needs to rush from Mid and dash towards the site once the Market door is broken. Make sure to set your duelist up with maximum chances of success.

Now, let us explain the roles of the two players playing B-Main. Firstly, it's worth noting that KAYO's presence on this map is nearly as critical as Sova's. His suppression utility is invaluable for neutralizing the site's defenses, and it can be used effectively to thwart any early aggression in B-Main as well. Moreover, his flash abilities are exceptionally efficient for initiating a site takeover. These flashes can be deployed on the Site or the Main to facilitate your team's execution.

Lastly, we have Killjoy. Killjoy, in this strat, does what his job is as a Sentinel. You can watch flank with her by placing the Turret atop the Shop in B-lobby. After that, your primary focus should be to stall the retake attempt of the opponent. You can achieve this by using her mollies, whether it's to stall adversaries attempting to breach the site or to delay their defusal attempts. Both are viable options.

The 4-1 Split

This one is similar to a rush but with a deliberate delay. You will need four players at B-Main and One player in Mid, who will serve as the lurker. It's advisable for the lurker to be the one playing the Controller agent, especially if Killjoy is part of your team composition, as she needs to be closer to the site to effectively utilize her mollies. 

The four players in B-lobby need to group up and wait for at least 10 seconds. Make sure not to disclose your position before that. Then, walk towards B-main, clearing all the angles. Finally, execute a coordinated utilization of your abilities and make a decisive push onto the site. The slow approach is required to ensure the defenders cannot stack up to the site’s defense. If you rush instantly, whoever is playing on-site can hold you off long enough for the other players to join in on the defense. Now, let us break down the role of each agent in this strategy:

You need to have the Controller as the Lurker. After smoking the Market and the CT Base, the Omen/Astra must maintain their position in Tiles until their teammate gains entry to the site. As the site is on the verge of being secured, the Lurker should proceed cautiously through Mid, heading either toward Market or Defenders Spawn, aiming to catch the enemies off-guard from the rear. 

The lurk needs to be perfectly timed. If you’re too early, the Lurker risks being discovered by the opposing team prematurely. Conversely, if it's executed too late, your team may already have been overwhelmed, rendering the lurk ineffective.

Jett’s role is the same as before. Only this time, instead of going Mid, you will need to dash into Site. There are two ways to take entry at B. You can choose to dash towards the button and close the door, or alternatively, you can utilize an updraft followed by a dash, propelling yourself over the shed and onto the Bombsite. Both options are viable, but the former tends to be more prevalent and effective in practice.

Valorant Screenshot 2023.09.06

The initiator's job is to gather as much info as possible. Rushing Ascent’s B site, especially against a Killjoy, is exceedingly challenging. Therefore, both Initiators are entrusted with the pivotal task of preparing the team's entry using their utilities. Sova can clear specific areas of the Site with his Recon Bolt while also scouting the Main with his Owl Drone. KAYO, on the other hand, retains the same role as outlined in the previous strategy.


Like KAYO, Killjoy plays the same role in both strats. However, if you decide to substitute Killjoy with another Sentinel agent, such as Cypher, the Sentinel can assume the role of the Lurker, while the Controller takes on a more active role in assisting with the site takeover. 

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Best Valorant Strats for Attacking Ascent B Site in 2023
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