Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Ascent

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Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Ascent

This Valorant agent composition will get you a lot of wins on Ascent in 2023.

Valorant’s diverse cast of agents and creative application of all-fun and exciting abilities have attracted gamers of all tastes and ages since the beginning of its lifespan. Currently, there are 14 fascinating agents in this game to choose from. While all of them are fun and efficient in their regard, specific agents absolutely shine in certain maps. The superior player must know the right pick of these agents on the correct map to thrive. This article aims to deliver such insight to those players by exploring the best agent composition in the fan-favorite map Ascent. So let’s get you winning.


Credit: Riot Games

After thoroughly analyzing the current meta, we have developed the most potent agent composition to run on Ascent.

  • Duelist – Jett
  • Controller – Omen
  • Initiator – KAY/O and Sova
  • Sentinel – Killjoy

Agent Breakdown 



Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 52.6%
  • Win Percentage: 47.7%

Anyone who plays Valorant knows how deadly Jett can be on the right hands. This agent is every “W” key warrior’s dream. Playing aggressively pays off so well with this agent that streamers often end up picking up this agent to entertain the audience. While this has a role in popularizing this ultra-evasive, supreme risk-taking agent, it would not be seen so much in PUGs if it didn’t bring the results. That’s why not taking Jett would be a cardinal sin when filling the duelist role on Ascent.

Ascent has two sites along with a wide-open and rather interesting mid. In all its 6 choke points (the mid alone has 4), the defender almost always has the advantage to take a duel. Type in all-chat “GGEZ” as your operator sends the enemy team its regards by bringing hell to them. As this game's universally agreed upon best operator agent, prioritizing buying an Operator on defense on Ascent is an unwritten law. On offense, you need to have in detail communication with your initiator so that you can thrive off of their successful setup by dashing into a site and securing that highly satisfying headshot kill. 


Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 48.8%
  • Win Percentage: 68.1%

It is a universal truth that an Omen main in your team who knows what he is doing can provide an overwhelming sense of security and direction to all the teammates. A masterful Omen main can make plenty of creative plays to catch the enemies off-guard and make them look foolish. His unique kit allows him to be a lurker, controller, support agent and even an aggressive rifler whenever needed. To view him just as a passive controller only capable of smoking angles and holding flanks would be a vast underestimation of his full potential. 

Omen’s best thing about his smoke ability is that it becomes available after 30 seconds of each use. This allows for late rotation when you are on offense and efficient holding of a site push when on defense. Additionally, on defense, the many one-way smokes you can create with Omen are an absolute must to abuse on Ascent. Set your duelist up for an aggressive peak with paranoia, and he/she’ll praise your guts for the rest of the game. On offense, get your duelists to tell you when and where they need you to cover angles with smokes. Learn your enemy pattern and use paranoia accordingly, which will be critical in every successful execution. Use your shrouded step ability creatively on offense and defense to position yourself in unexpected off-angles. One example of such an angle would be – A site top gen. Try to be as unpredictable as possible, as the ancient Valorant wisdom states, “Predictability is defeat”.


Picture4 1

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 15.4%
  • Win Percentage: 43.5%

It was pretty ironic of Riot Games to introduce the most anti-Valorant agent to Valorant whose signature and ultimate ability literally nullify all its opponent's ability usage temporarily. KAY/O’s entire kit can be picked up quickly based on each ability’s trajectory. To master and truly thrive off this agent, however, it will take more than that. KAY/O is one of those agents where learning the lineups will really benefit you. Its FRAG/ment ability, which only costs 200 credits, can destroy Killjoy’s ultimate. His ultimate is also highly viable, which makes any opponent within a long radius unable to use any ability while simultaneously giving him a few extra perks. This creates the opportunity for many tactical callouts; as a result, site execution and retake become a breeze. 

To thrive off KAY/O on Ascent, we recommend investing in learning the lineups. Firstly, learn different knife lineups for a site to prevent enemies from breaking it easily. You can certainly benefit from using a few fake knife lineups as well. KAY/O’s FRAG/ment is pure value for its diverse types of applications and the impact it can have on a round. Learn various post-plant and plant-stalling lineups for it, and also don’t hesitate to use it for holding down a site rush. Additionally, be sure to support your teammates with your precisely aimed flashbangs. To learn their efficient usage, boot up a custom server and understand their trajectory by experimenting with different angles. You can also act self-sufficiently by taking duels off of your own pop-flash, essentially acting like a vice-duelist.



Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 29.5%
  • Win Percentage: 48.5%

Every FPS player’s pent-up lust for wall hacks gained large-scale acceptance with the introduction of Valorant’s game-defining agent Sova. While other tac-shooters avoid enabling players to detect enemies through walls, Valorant bravely embraced the idea by enabling Sova’s kit to do precisely that. Ask a Valorant player the definition of pain, and he’ll tell you it’s going against a nerdy Sova with a gazillion different dart lineups. Since the beginning of this game, many have been proclaiming him the best agent of Valorant. The cheeky yet creative plays of players like Sinatra have inspired many to try out this agent, resulting in an almost cult-like community of Sova mains. 


Sova’s drone ability can clear many narrow choke points on Ascent, taking control of which is crucial in finding success. On a map like this, fast rotation on defense is key. Use your Sova dart early on a round for information and make rotation calls based on that. One feature of Ascent that makes Sova a viable pick is the many wall-bangable spots this map offers. Get an Odin and position yourself in a spot where you start spamming as soon as your dart scans someone. Effectively making your enemy cry, quit and consider retirement. The ultimate of Sova is a trump card on Ascent as it can stall both a spike-plant and defuse from long range. Moreover, on this map, Killjoy is a standard pick and Sova’s ultimate ability is a perfect counter to hers. 

Check our highly advanced Sova guide for an in-depth framework for mastering Sova.



Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 29.6%
  • Win Percentage: 52.6%

Killjoy undoubtedly is among the S-tier agents Valorant has to offer. We all have that player in our lobby with the biggest brain causing absolute menace with this agent. To utilize Killjoy’s kit to its full potential, you must play really smart, almost as smart as she is in the lore. Her ultimate is arguably one of the most powerful ones in the game, as it makes taking site control a walk in the park. While to put the full torturous extent of this agent’s kit in motion, you need to learn a few swarm grenade lineups, the payoff is worth it, as evident by her staggering 50.2% win percentage. 

Killjoy’s info-gathering potential is among the best in this game, making her a viable pick in almost all the maps, including Ascent. Her turret can spot enemies from long distances without the risk of her exposing herself to the enemies. Her alarm bot can also be highly efficient at exposing lurks. On defense, a combination of swarm grenades and alarm bots can decimate full-scale executions. Not to mention how handy the swarm grenades are in post-plant situations. A general advice to all the Killjoy mains would be to farm for orbs as much as possible since the more you use your ultimate, the better the odds are for success.

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Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Ascent
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