Best Tier 1 Neutral Items In 7.33B Patch

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Best Tier 1 Neutral Items In 7.33B Patch

These are the best Tier 1 neutral items that you can collect in the 7.33b patch for Dota 2. 

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The New Frontiers map for Dota 2 has provided several new neutral items to its vast online community. Neutral items can be gathered from killing neutral creeps in their camps in the jungle. You can equip neutral items for your heroes to make them stronger during battles. Neutral items have their own slot, along with the item slots for your heroes. 

Take a look at the most resourceful neutral items in Dota 2 to help people improve their gameplay in the 7.33b patch. 

Lance of Pursuit

Sniper hits neutral creeps with the neutral item, Lance of Pursuit

Lance of Pursuit is a Tier 1 neutral item that is found early in Dota 2 matches. You can gain up to 200 mana by equipping Lance of Pursuit for Clockwerk. The item grants the passive ability, Hound, that can be used to slow enemy heroes for 2 seconds in battles. Slowed enemy units also take a bonus damage of 15 per hit. 

Sniper can attack neutral creeps in the forest to gain a Lance of Pursuit. The ranged hero can deal up to 70 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units in a radius of 400 using Shrapnel. Enemy units hit by Shrapnel have their movement slowed by 30%. Sniper gains 3 charges of Shrapnel that he can use to destroy his enemies in lanes. Shrapnel lasts for up to 10 seconds on the map per charge. Lance of Pursuit will help Sniper further reduce the movement of his enemies in battles. Shrapnel requires 75 mana to be used per cast. The bonus mana granted by Lance of Pursuit makes it easier for Sniper to cast Shrapnel throughout the match. 

You can take at least one level of Headshot for Sniper to be able to knock back enemy heroes with his physical attacks. Sniper has a 40% chance to  push his opponents away by a distance of 10 per hit by leveling up Headshot. He can also deal up to 20 bonus damage with his attacks. The bonus attack range Sniper gains from Take Aim lets him hit enemy heroes without taking damage in team fights. 

Slark is an Agility hero with an amazing attack speed in Dota 2. He can Pounce on enemy heroes in the New Frontiers map to put them on a leash for 3.3 seconds. Slark can jump forward up to a distance of 700 using Pounce to restrict the movement of his enemies in battles. Pounce has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 75 mana to be used per cast. He can cast Dark Pact to deal up to 300 damage to enemy heroes in a radius of 325 around him. Dark Pact has a low cooldown of 6 seconds and needs 65 mana. Lance of Pursuit provides plenty of mana for Slark to cast his abilities in his hunts. 

The melee hero can slow the movement speed of enemy heroes by 12% per hit with Lance of Pursuit. His passive ability, Essence Shift, can be used to drain the attributes of his enemies with his physical attacks. The attributes gained from Essence Shift last for up to 80 seconds, providing bonus attack speed and attack damage to Slark. 

Spark of Courage

Clockwerk earns bonus gold with the neutral item, Spark of Courage

Spark of Courage is a fantastic neutral item for heroes in tank roles. Heroes can use a Spark of Courage to gain a bonus attack damage of 10 while having more than half of their maximum health in battles. If the health of heroes drop below 50%, they gain up to 5 armor that can be used to reduce the damage from
incoming attacks. 

Clockwerk is a Universal hero with abilities that can deal loads of damage to enemy heroes. He can strike his enemies with Battery Assault to stun them for 95 damage per hit. Battery Assault lasts for 10.5 seconds and applies a mini-stun to enemy units hit by Clockwerk. His ability has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 90 mana to be used per cast. He can activate Power Cogs during battles to trap enemy heroes inside energized cogs for up to 8 seconds. Spark of Courage will provide bonus damage to Clockwerk while attacking enemy heroes caught within Power Cogs. If Clockwerk takes a significant amount of damage inside Power Cogs, Spark of Courage can increase his armor to make him more durable in team fights. 

Rocket Flare can be shot by Clockwerk at any location on the map to reveal enemy units for up to 6 seconds. Enemies hit by a Rocket Flare take 200 damage from the spell. Spark of Courage will allow Clockwerk to initiate team fights with his ulti. Clockwerk can cast Hookshot to latch onto enemy heroes from over 3000 units to stun them for 1.6 seconds. Hookshot deals 275 damage to enemy heroes. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and consumes 150 mana. 

Chaos Knight can use a Spark of Courage to annihilate enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. He can cast Chaos Bolt to stun his enemies for up to 3.3 seconds. Chaos Knight can deal over 300 damage to his enemies with Chaos Bolt. The bonus attack damage granted by Spark of Courage lets Chaos Knight deal lethal amounts of damage to his opponents. His passive ability, Chaos Strike, provides a 33% chance to deal 245% critical damage with his physical attacks. He regains a portion of his health by landing a Chaos Strike, giving Chaos Knight plenty of reasons to attack his enemies using a Spark of Courage. 

His ulti, Phantasm, creates up to 3 illusions of Chaos Knight. These illusions last for up to 30 seconds and deal 100% of his attack damage. Chaos Knight can equip Spark of Courage to mitigate his enemies in the New Frontiers map. Spark of Courage is a neutral item that can help Chaos Knight get plenty of kills to
earn bonus gold. 

Duelist Gloves

Alchemist equips the neutral item, Duelist Gloves, to hit enemy units

Duelist Gloves is a neutral item that was recently added to the game. Heroes can gain up to 10 attack damage by unlocking a Duelist Gloves in Dota 2. Duelist Gloves provides heroes with Boldness that grants heroes 15 bonus attack speed while being around enemy heroes in a radius of 900. It can make it easier to ambush enemies early with carry heroes in the 7.33b patch. 

Alchemist is a Strength hero with a grueling amount of spells that can deal damage to multiple enemies in a lane. He can nuke enemy heroes using Acid Spray to deal 40 DPS for 15 seconds. Alchemist can hit enemy heroes using an Unstable Concoction to deal 360 damage. Unstable Concoction can explode onto nearby enemy units in a radius of 250 and stuns them for 3.2 seconds. Duelist Gloves can provide plenty of attack speed to decimate enemy heroes. He can activate his ulti, Chemical Rage, to gain bonus health regeneration rate of 110 and reduce his base attack time. The boost in his attack speed granted by Chemical Rage and Duelist Gloves can drastically increase his kill counts before the first 15 minutes of a match. You can purchase a Phase Boots to increase the attack damage of Alchemist after getting him a Duelist Gloves in the game. 

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