Best Auras For Universal Heroes In 7.33B Patch

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Best Auras For Universal Heroes In 7.33B Patch

You can unlock these auras for Universal heroes in Dota 2 to pulverize your enemies in the 7.33b patch.

The Berlin Major has just reached its conclusion and has emerged as a leading esports tournament for Dota 2. The gaming event was held from April 26 – May 08, 2023, with a prize pool of $500,000. It had over 15 esports teams compete in the Dota 2 tournament and announced that Gaimin Gladiators won the first place in The Berlin Major. Gaimin Gladiators won 500 DPC points in the event and took home a grand prize of $200,000. Team Liquid placed second in The Berlin Major with 450 DPC points and won $100,000. 9Pandas finished third in the international tournament and won $75,000 as a prize for their performance.

Universal heroes, the newly introduced category of heroes, have created quite a splash in the Dota 2 community. A ton of heroes have been classified into Universal heroes, improving their attack damage as they level up in the game. People learning to play Universal heroes can unlock these auras to get more kills in
their Dota 2 matches.

Take a look at the best auras for Universal heroes in the updated 7.33b patch.

Vladmir’s Aura – Vladmir’s Offering

Abaddon regains health using Vladmir's aura

Vladmir’s Offering is an item that can enhance the attack damage of Universal heroes. You can buy a Vladmir’s Offering to unlock Vladmir’s aura. Vladmir’s Offering costs 2450 gold in the game. Universal heroes depend on their physical hits to deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes in their matches. Vladmir’s Aura provides up to 18% bonus attack damage, 3 armor, 1.75 mana regeneration, and 20% Lifesteal to heroes. It affects all allied units in a radius of 1200.

Abaddon is a Universal hero with physical attacks that can silence his enemies in battles. He has a base movement speed of 325, letting Abaddon strike enemy heroes with his blade to make his opponents flee from his lane. Vladmir’s aura provides a ton of attack damage that helps Abaddon fight his enemies to drain their health in team fights. The Lifesteal gained from Vladmir’s Offering allows the melee hero to regain a portion of his health by attacking enemy heroes and creeps.

The bonus mana regeneration granted by Vladmir’s aura gives Abaddon plenty of mana to cast his spells. Abaddon can cast Mist Coil to deal 260 damage to enemy units. Each instance of Mist Coil requires 50 mana to be used per cast. Vladmir’s aura lets Abaddon nuke enemy heroes in lanes with Mist Coils for early kills
in his matches.

He can cast Aphotic Shield on allied heroes and creeps to protect them from incoming attacks from his enemies. Aphotic Shield has a cooldown of 6 seconds. Allied units guarded by an Aphotic Shield can absorb up to 200 damage, exploding onto nearby enemies in a radius of 675 to deal damage. Aphotic Shield lasts for up to 15 seconds, helping allies escape from team fights without getting killed. Abaddon needs 130 mana to cast Aphotic Shield in battles.

The bonus attack speed granted by his passive ability, Curse of Avernus, makes Abaddon a mighty carry hero in Dota 2. Curse of Avernus provides up to 100 bonus attack speed and slows enemy heroes. Abaddon can silence enemy heroes by striking them 4 times after leveling up Curse of Avernus. Vladmir’s aura gives Abaddon loads of Lifesteal from his attacks to turn him into a marvelous melee hero.

Lone Druid can purchase a Vladmir’s Offering to boost the Lifesteal of his companion. He can equip Spirit Bear with Vladmir’s Offering to provide Vladmir’s aura to nearby allies. Spirit Bear has a base health of 2000 and 6 armor. Vladmir’s aura grants bonus armor to Spirit Bear, letting it tank more damage from enemy hits. Spirit Bear can move at high speeds to root enemy heroes using Entangling Claws, preventing its opponents from escaping encounters. You can buy a Phase Boots for Spirit Bear to further increase the attack damage of Lone Druid’s companion.

Players can max out Spirit Link to gain up to 65% Lifesteal and 64 attack speed that is shared between the Lone Druid and the Spirit Bear. True Form can be activated to increase Lone Druid’s health by 1500 during battles. The bonus armor provided by his ulti makes Vladmir’s aura the right item to buy for Lone Druid in
Dota 2 matches.

Guardian Aura – Guardian Greaves

Dazzle restores health and mana using Guardian Greaves in the mid lane

Guardian Greaves can be bought for 4950 gold. The item provides 250 mana, 50 movement speed, and 4 armor to heroes. Universal heroes who excel in the support role for their team can buy Guardian Greaves to heal their allies. Guardian Greaves grants the Guardian aura that increases the health regeneration rate of allied heroes by 2.5. It also provides up to 3 bonus armor to allies in a radius of 1200.

Teammates affected by Guardian aura have a higher chance of surviving team fights. Allies who have their health weakened by less than 25% of their max health gain up to 12 health regeneration rate and 8 armor as a bonus.

Dazzle is a support hero with several abilities that can be cast to protect his allies. The Universal hero can cast Shadow Wave to heal up to 135 health to teammates close to him. Shadow Wave can hit up to 7 units at a time, making it tremendously useful during team fights. The Guardian aura grants a bonus health regeneration rate to Dazzle and his allies, giving his team adequate time to counter enemy attacks. Dazzle can use Guardian Greaves to cast Mend, restoring up to 350 health and 200 mana to his allies. Guardian Greaves has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

He can save his allies from dying in battles by casting Shallow Grave. Dazzle can prevent his allies from taking lethal damage for 5 seconds using Shallow Grave on them in team fights. Guardian aura and Shadow Wave will allow Dazzle to replenish plenty of health to his allies.

Timbersaw can purchase a Guardian Greaves to improve his tanking abilities. The passive ability, Reactive Armor, provides bonus armor and health regeneration to Timbersaw. Any physical attacks from enemy heroes grants 0.5 armor and 0.4 health regeneration per hit to the Universal hero. Reactive Armor stacks up to a total of 40 times, making it harder to kill Timbersaw during battles. Guardian aura lets Timbersaw rejuvenate loads of health between using his skills.

The melee hero can latch onto nearby trees using Timber Chain to deal 220 Pure damage to surrounding enemies. Timbersaw can cast Timber Chain up to a distance of 1200. Timber Chain has a low cooldown of 4 seconds and requires 90 mana to be used per cast. He can launch his ulti, Chakram, to slow enemy heroes in team fights. Timbersaw can cast Mend using Guardian Greaves to restore health and mana to his teammates while enemy heroes are restrained by Chakram.

Vengeance Aura – Vengeful Spirit

Dazzle restores health and mana to his team using Guardian Greaves in the mid lane

Vengeful Spirit is a tactile support hero in Dota 2. She can stun enemy heroes using Magic Missile to deal tons of damage in her lane. The Universal hero can deal up to 360 damage to her enemies with her ability and disable them for up to 1.4 seconds. You can increase the damage dealt by Magic Missile at level 20 through the Talent Tree. The Vengeance Aura can strengthen the attacks of her allies in battles.

You can max out Vengeance aura to gain 28% bonus attack damage. Vengeance aura affects all allied units in a radius of 1200. The Universal hero can cast a Wave of Terror to decrease the armor of her enemies by 6 for 8 seconds. Enemy units affected by Wave of Terror are dealt 130 damage per wave.

Allied heroes like Sven can drastically increase their attack damage while teaming up with Vengeful Spirit. Sven can boost his attacks by casting God’s Strength to wipe out the enemy team during battles. He can stun enemies using Storm Hammer to get free kills. Vengeful Spirit can buy items like a Desolator to pierce the armor of her enemies, allowing her allies to slaughter enemy heroes in Dota 2.

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