Best Heroes to Use Phylactery in 7.33C Patch

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Best Heroes to Use Phylactery in 7.33C Patch

The new item Phylactery can improve the damage output on your spells in Dota 2 for these heroes in the 7.33c patch. 

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Phylactery is a recently added item to Dota 2. People can buy a Phylactery in their matches to deal bonus damage with their spells while targeting enemy heroes. These spells also slow the movement speed of enemy heroes for a few moments, letting you attack them to annihilate enemies throughout the match.

Take a look at the best heroes you can choose to buy a Phylactery in the new update for Dota 2.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker uses Charge of Darkness with a Phylactery in 7.33c patch

Spirit Breaker is a Strength hero that you can rely on for getting kills in the 7.33c patch. He gains 3.3 Strength per level and has a base health of 736. Spirit Breaker can charge toward enemy heroes from anywhere on the New Frontiers map to help his teammates in battles. He has a limited mana pool of 243 at the start of a match. You can buy a Phylactery for Spirit Breaker to provide 200 mana to him, allowing the Strength hero to hit enemy heroes frequently with his spells in the
new update.

Phylactery costs 2375 gold in the game. Spirit Breaker can deal bonus damage during team fights by casting Charge of Darkness on enemy heroes after purchasing a Phylactery. He can target enemies on the map using Charge of Darkness to rush toward them at a speed of 400. Enemy units hit by Charge of Darkness are stunned for 2.1 seconds and take up to 150 bonus damage per cast. Charge of Darkness has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 100 mana in the 7.33c patch. The bonus mana regeneration rate granted by Phylactery lets Spirit Breaker cast Charge of Darkness several times during a battle to chase enemy heroes.

You can level up Greater Bash to gain a 17% chance to stun enemy heroes with physical attacks while playing Spirit Breaker. The melee hero can deal 35% of his movement speed as bonus damage at level 4 of Greater Bash. Enemy units affected by Greater Bash get stunned for 1.5 seconds and get pushed back by a few units per hit. The passive ability, Greater Bash, has a low cooldown of 1.2 seconds.

Spirit Breaker can buy an Echo Sabre for 2500 gold to increase his attack speed. He gains 15 attack damage and 10 attack speed by purchasing an Echo Sabre in his matches. The passive ability, Echo Strike, provided by Echo Sabre allows Spirit Breaker to smash enemy heroes twice with his physical attacks. Echo Strike can be used once every 6 seconds and slows the enemy unit by 100% for 0.8 seconds. You can upgrade an Echo Sabre to a Harpoon to provide Spirit Breaker with bonus Strength in the game.

The Strength hero can increase his status resistance and his movement speed for 8 seconds by using Bulldoze. You can use Bulldoze while Charge of Darkness is active, making it easier to strike enemy heroes on the run. Bulldoze has a cooldown of 16 seconds and requires 60 mana per cast. The status resistance gained from Bulldoze has been increased from 65% to 70% in the 7.33c patch. You can buy a Vanguard to further reduce the damage taken from incoming attacks. Spirit Breaker has a 60% chance to block up to 56 damage from melee attacks after buying a Vanguard, allowing him to survive longer during battles.

His ulti, Nether Strike, can be cast on enemy heroes to deal a bonus damage of 300. Buying a Phylactery for Spirit Breaker can deal a bonus damage of 150 to enemy heroes after casting Nether Strike. His ulti has a cooldown of 30 seconds and needs 175 mana. The increased mana pool granted by Phylactery makes it easier to cast Nether Strike during team fights.


Lion deals bonus damage to Viper by casting Mana Drain using a Phylactery

Lion is a support hero with several magical spells that can destroy enemy heroes in Dota 2. Items like Phylactery can help Lion deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes with his spells. Lion has a base mana pool of 315 and gains 3.5 Intelligence per level. Phylactery grants Lion 7 Intelligence attributes and a bonus mana of 200 to let him nuke his enemies in lanes.

The Intelligence hero can head mid to unlock his ulti faster in the game. Lion can deal up to 600 damage to enemy heroes at level 6 using Finger of Death. Lion can cast Finger of Death to deal bonus damage by purchasing a Phylactery early in his matches. Each kill Lion takes with Finger of Death grants him up to 40 bonus damage per kill, making Phylactery an ultimate item for Lion in the 7.33c patch. You can max out Finger of Death to deal 850 damage and an additional 150 damage from Phylactery during battles.

Finger of Death has a cooldown of 40 seconds. You can reduce the cooldown of his ulti to 20 seconds by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter. His ulti can hit all enemy units in a radius of 325 by upgrading Finger of Death with the item. You can buy an Aghanim’s Scepter for 1200 gold in the game.

Lion can stun enemy heroes using Earth Spike to deal over 300 damage with Phylactery. Enemy units stunned by Earth Spike will be disabled for up to 2.2 seconds. Earth Spike has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 150 mana to be used per cast. You can purchase an Octarine Core to reduce the cooldown of Lion’s spells and items by 25%. Lion also gains 625 health and 625 mana by purchasing an Octarine Core in battles.

Phylactery has a cooldown of 6 seconds. You can use spells like Hex to turn enemy units into animals for 3.2 seconds with Lion. He can drain the mana of his enemies using Mana Drain to absorb up to 120 mana per second. Mana Drain can be channeled for up to 5 seconds. You can unlock the Aghanim’s Shard upgrade for Lion to drain up to 3 enemy heroes at a time using Mana Drain, replenishing most of his mana pool during battles. Lion becomes immune to debuffs while channeling Mana Drain by purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard. The magic resistance gained by Lion from the Aghanim’s Shard is increased from 50% to a major 80% in the latest version.

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight can be a fun hero to buy a Phylactery in Dota 2. He has less than 300 mana at the beginning of a match. Phylactery provides bonus mana and mana regeneration rate to Chaos Knight, allowing him to cast his spells more often to nuke enemy heroes in his lane. You can buy a Quelling Blade for Chaos Knight to help him farm bonus gold in a lane to buy a Phylactery early in his games.

Spells like Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift deal a ton of bonus damage to give Chaos Knight the edge in team fights. Chaos Bolt can be used to stun enemy heroes for 3.3 seconds, dealing more than 400 damage to his opponents with a Phylactery. Chaos Knight can cast Chaos Bolt once every 10 seconds and needs 110 mana to be used per cast.

The base Strength of Chaos Knight is increased from 22 to 24 in the 7.33c patch. Phylactery provides an additional 7 Strength to his attributes, making him more durable in battles. He can cast Reality Rift to weaken the armor of enemy heroes by 7, dealing bonus damage using Phylactery while playing Chaos Knight.

Physical attacks from Chaos Knight have a 33% chance to deal 245% of his attack damage as critical hits by maxing out Chaos Strike. The Strength hero can regain 60% of his attack damage as Lifesteal with every Critical Strike that he lands during battles. You can increase the Lifesteal of Critical Strikes by 30% at level 10 through the Talent Tree. Chaos Knight can equip a Phylactery to become a dominant carry hero in Dota 2 matches. 

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