5 Best Legends for Beginners in Apex Legends and the Worst

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5 Best Legends for Beginners in Apex Legends and the Worst

Want to know what the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends are? Between abilities and other characteristics, these are the best characters for beginners in Apex Legends.

Apex has a huge cast of characters but it’s not always the easiest game to jump into. Heading into Season 18, there’s a lot of baggage. You can’t just pick a Legend and hope for the best anymore. With so many different characters in the game it can be daunting to know where to start. There are a few characters which are much better to begin with though. The best Apex Legends characters for beginners are all a great place to start.

Quite a few Apex characters have built up complicated kit over the few years the game has been out. There’s been nerfs, changes, and improvements, they often play a lot more complicated than they did when they were first introduced. While the original batch of Legends was simple to understand, the newer ones have been complicated since the start.

In Season 18, there are going to be 24 characters in the game. If you’re a brand-new player it’s intimidating and half the characters aren’t really suitable for new players. Some though are great for if you’re just getting started. Characters with more universal mechanics, easier-to-time abilities, or just those who are the best legends for beginners in Apex Legends thanks to not needing too much complexity!

While learning all of the characters and mastering mechanics can be tricky, it’s great to start with the best beginner Legends in Apex. These are the picks for the best-starting characters in the meta right now.

Best Legends for Beginners in Apex Legends


Best legends for Beginners in Apex legends

Lifeline is an obvious choice for your first few games, and it’s the choice that Apex pushed on players at first for a long time too. There are a few reasons why they want you to start with Lifeline. The first is that they’re the only dedicated healer. This can take a bit of pressure off in games and give you something useful to do even if you still haven’t got to know the weapons and mechanics.

While Lifeline has gotten more complicated to play with Apex patch notes and news over the years, she’s still a good starting point. Being one of the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends goes past just being good for getting to know the basics though.

Lifeline is a great character to use if you’re an overall beginner. For many of the same reasons. Once you know a bit more about the mechanics and how the stages of each game works, Lifeline stays useful. For a start, you pretty much always have a way of helping out your team.

There isn’t as big of a worry about you not contributing since healing is relatively simple. That makes her one of the best characters for beginners in Apex Legends.


Best legends for Beginners in Apex legends

Bloodhound is one of the top characters in the Apex Legends tier list and he’s also one of the best ones for beginners to play. There are some key reasons they’re so OP even with new players.

Bloodhound has abilities which are absolutely invaluable. They can scan for enemies to a crazy distance, get a better movement speed, and tag enemies closer to you. Bloodhound’s role in a team relies on communicating the extra information you’re getting. You’ll need to be playing a valuable role in your team, or you're wasting bloodhound in the game. That doesn’t mean you can’t play him well as a beginner though.

Bloodhound’s role is completely key to a team’s comp. However, your role-playing as this character isn’t too risky for a beginner. You just need to make use of information and communicate it. It means you can be a key part of the team composition without having to master too many stressful factors like timing of abilities.

It takes some practice to get the most out of Bloodhound, but he’s a great character to spend your time mastering. Unless something seriously changes, Bloodhound will be pretty much worth playing all the time.


Gibraltar Apex Legends Tier List

Bloodhound and Lifeline are great for getting used to the game, but what if you want one of the best characters for beginners in Apex Legends that isn’t afraid of firefights? Gibraltar is a great Legend that is fantastic for if you want to learn the game by jumping head into every fight you find.

Gibraltar is another launch character that’s stayed both relevant and one of the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends. His abilities are mainly defensive. However, they’re all really useful for players pushing as much as possible. Gibraltar’s passive is a shield with another 50 HP while firing. Great if you’re used to shield Overwatch characters.

On top of that, Gibraltar has other abilities which let you pull in big explosive moves. His moves aren’t super complicated to pull out. Once you’ve seen them, you’re likely going to know when to pop one off during a firefight. Great if you want one of the best Legends for beginners in Apex.


Best legends for Beginners in Apex legends

Wraith is a skirmisher character and one of the best beginner Legends. She’s great for if you want to play more abrasively and mobile. She’s the best Apex Legends character for beginners if you want a Legend who can get in everyone’s face. You’re able to move in, get shots fired, and get out safely with Wraith’s abilities. Her moves aren’t going to deal damage, but they’ll help you stay safe when getting in and out of fights.

Wraith’s Tactical ability is also one of the best in the game. You can use it to negate damage while you position, perfect for moving to a better spot mid-fight. Her passive will let you know when you’re close to enemies, and her ultimate gives basically free movement.

Wraith’s abilities are perfect for players looking to learn the game by getting directly into fights. Her abilities give her the safety to get out. However, unlike some others who have a panic button style of ability, they rely on a bit more skill. You’ll need to learn about the flow of fights using this character so they’re one of the best characters for beginners in Apex Legends.


Octane - Apex Legends Tier list Season 15

Octane is the last of the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends. He has abilities which give you insane movement. There are a few reasons this works great for new starters in Apex. You have the speed to take fights and get out of them when you need to. It can also come in handy if you don’t have the most map knowledge, since you can move quicker than most other players.

The main movement boosts are stim, which boosts your running speed by quite a lot. Octane loses health with this ability, but that’s offset by the other big boost that makes Octane one of the best beginner Legends. His passive regenerates health. If used correctly, this can mean you can get pretty far in Apex just by evasion. He also has access to a launch pad. If you’re used to dominating in Fortnite ranked, you’ll know the strength of a Launchpad. All this mobility makes Octane perfect as one of the best beginner Legends at the moment.

Characters to Avoid as a Beginner

Those are some of the best Legends for beginners in Apex Legends. What about characters who should be avoided though? There are plenty that are just going to look too complicated for most new players right from the start. However, there are a handful which are often called some of the best Apex Legends characters for beginners but have some drawbacks.

These are a few of the characters you might see recommended but should avoid in Season 17 and 18 as best Legends for beginners in Apex.


Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List

Rampart is often pulled out as one of the easier or best beginner Legends to play. Their LMG might be fun for new players and easier to understand a lot of other mechanics, but there are a few downsides. They’re pretty routinely underused because Rampart is lacking compared to other Legends. While they might be fun for beginners, you’re really just building skill with a Legend you won’t get enough use out of once you get to know the game.


Apex Legends Season 14 Tier List

Loba is another who is often used as a beginner character. Her abilities to teleport out of danger have some benefits. Especially for beginners. However, their kit also encourages a way of playing which doesn’t really engage with the game. If you always have a panic button, you might get used to not ever needing to finish a fight.

There are some of the worst and best characters for beginners in Apex Legends. It doesn’t take too long to get to know the game though. Then you can break into everything the title has to offer and its full roster.