Best Heroes to Buy A Mekansm in 7.33C Patch

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Best Heroes to Buy A Mekansm in 7.33C Patch

You can heal your allies in battles by purchasing a Mekansm in Dota 2 for these heroes in the 7.33c patch.

Protecting your allies can prove to be an integral step towards winning more matches in Dota 2. Your teammates can take a ton of damage from enemy attacks and spells throughout the game. You can buy items like a Mekansm to restore health to your allies between battles to prevent them from getting killed in combat.

Mekansm can be bought for 1775 gold in the game. You can purchase a Mekansm for support heroes to be able to guard your team against enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches. The item allows you to replenish up to 275 health to allies around you in a radius of 1200. Mekansm has a cooldown of 50 seconds and requires 100 mana to be used per cast.

You can cast Restore using Mekansm after your carry heroes have taken a significant amount of damage in team fights. Spells like a Magic Missile, Sacred Arrow, and Storm Hammer can stun your allies for more than a few seconds, disabling your teammates during battles. Support heroes can help your allies regenerate their health immediately after they’ve been cast by such spells.

The Mekansm aura granted by the item increases the health regeneration rate of allies around heroes by 2.5. The bonus health per second provided by Mekansm lets allied heroes mitigate enemy creeps in lanes without having to teleport back to their base.

Take a look at the best heroes to buy a Mekansm in the new update to help you increase the chances of winning battles in Dota 2.


Chen restores health to his teammates using Mekansm

Chen is a Universal hero who can save the lives of his allies by casting his spells. He has a base mana pool of 303 and gains up to 3.2 Intelligence per level. You can level up Divine Favor to increase the armor of Chen and his allies by 4. Divine Favor provides up to 4 health regeneration rate per second, granting plenty of health to his allies at the start of a match. The passive ability also lets any creeps converted by Chen to have increased healing to fight enemy creeps in his lanes.

You can buy a Mekansm early for Chen to restore 275 health to his teammates. Chen can place a few Observer Wards along the New Frontiers map to gain vision of his surrounding vicinity. He can also activate Watchers in the jungle to prevent enemy heroes from ambushing your allies in the 7.33c patch.

People can purchase a Holy Locket to amplify the health restored to his allies. Holy Locket gives Chen the Holy Blessing ability that increases the health replenished by 30% from his spells. You can use Energy Charge on allied heroes with a Holy Locket to provide a bit of health and mana. Holy Locket can hold up to a total of 20 charges that replenish 15 health and mana to allies in Dota 2 matches.

Chen can stack neutral creep camps in the jungle to help his carry heroes farm more gold. He can also cast Holy Persuasion on neutrals to gain control of them. Neutral creeps converted by Chen gain bonus health, attack damage, and movement speed, making them useful to push lanes and punish enemy heroes in his games. You can access the Twin Gates in the New Frontiers map to move between the safe lanes to reach team fights on time.

His ulti, Hand of God, restores up to 400 health in an instant to all allies around the map. Hand of God can be cast at any time during the match to prevent Chen and his allies from being annihilated by the enemy team. Allied units affected by Hand of God can gain an increased health regeneration rate of 40 health per second for 8 seconds. Hand of God has a cooldown of 110 seconds, making a Mekansm handy during battles. You can reduce the cooldown of Chen’s ulti by 30 seconds
at level 20.

Chen can upgrade a Mekansm to Guardian Greaves to increase his mana pool by 250. Chen can use Mend with a Guardian Greaves to replenish 350 health and 200 mana to his allies. Support heroes need to survive battles to be in a better position to help their allies. Chen can purchase an Aeon Disk to increase his health by 250 and his mana by 300. Aeon Disk can be activated after losing over 70% of his health to nullify the damage taken by incoming attacks and spells by 100% for 2.5 seconds.


Necrophos is an Intelligence hero with a wide range of abilities that can strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. He has a projectile speed of 1200, making his spells effective during team fights. A Mekasnm can help Necrophos restore a ton of health to his allies after initiating battles in the 7.33c patch. He can use Death Pulse to deal 280 damage and heal 130 health to his teammates around him in a radius of 500.

You can use Mekansm and Death Pulse frequently in matches while playing Necrophos to avoid getting killed by your opponents. His ability, Ghost Shroud, can turn Necrophos into a hero who cannot be attacked by enemies for 4.5 seconds. Any amount of health restored to allies with Necrophos while Ghost Shroud is active can be amplified by 75% for the duration of the spell. You can use Death Pulse throughout the game with Ghost Shroud to prevent enemy heroes from attacking your allies to deal lethal amounts of damage.

He is an effective counter to tank heroes in Dota 2. Necrophos can blink into battles with a Blink Dagger to cast his ulti, Reaper’s Scythe, to decimate enemy heroes with increased health. Reaper’s Scythe deals 0.9 damage for every missing health point, stunning enemy heroes for 1.5 seconds. Necrophos can kill enemy heroes with Reaper’s Scythe to have his health regeneration rate and mana regeneration rate increased permanently.

The support hero can level up Heartstopper Aura to deal 2.4% of the maximum health of enemy heroes as damage. He can destroy enemy creeps in his lane to increase his health and mana regeneration rate by 7 for 8 seconds. The bonus mana regeneration rate granted by Heartstopper Aura lets Necrophos cast Death Pulse often during his matches. He can buy a Radiance in battles to deal 60 burn damage per second (DPS) to enemy heroes. The cost of Radiance is reduced to 4700 gold in the new update, making it suitable for Necrophos after buying a Mekansm. 

Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light replenishes health to his allies in the 7.33c patch with Mekansm

Keeper of the Light is a support hero with a tremendous set of skills that can help people win plenty of matches in the 7.33c patch. He can launch a beam of light at his enemies using Illuminate to deal up to 500 damage. Illuminate has a cast range of 1550, hitting multiple enemy heroes and creeps in lanes.

You restore up to 320 mana to allies using Chakra Magic with Keeper of the Light. Many people buy a Mekansm before the first 10 minutes of a match for Keeper of the Light to make him a reliable support hero. Keeper of the Light can teleport to nearby towers with a Town Portal Scroll to heal allies after they’ve encountered enemies on the map. You can upgrade his Boots of Speed to Boots of Travel to become a resourceful ally to your team in Dota 2 matches.

Chakra Magic can be cast by Keeper of the Light to reduce the cooldown of his abilities by 6 seconds. He can use Chakra Magic on allies like Bloodseeker to help them use Blood Rite and Bloodrage several times in lanes. Keeper of the Light can nuke enemies with Illuminate to deal damage from a distance. He can use Blinding Light on enemy heroes to push them away from allies before casting Mekansm to restore health to his teammates.


Io Tethers an ally to heal him with Mekansm

Io is an effective support hero in Dota 2. He can Tether to allied heroes from an incredible distance to reach battles faster. Tethered allies receive bonus movement speed, health and mana regeneration from Io. A Mekansm can help increase the chances of outlasting enemy heroes in team fights while being Tethered to the support hero. The item can also restore plenty of health to allies while escaping enemies with the Mekansm aura in the 7.33c patch.

It can use its ulti, Relocate, to teleport Io and its allies away from team fights in its matches. You can use Mekansm after using Relocate to give Tethered allies loads of health. Teammates can return to their original positions after 12 seconds, letting them use consumable items like a Healing Salve and Clarity potions to restore their health and mana while teaming up with Io. 

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