BEST CS2 Tips To Win Your Games (2024)

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BEST CS2 Tips To Win Your Games (2024)

We’re going to take a look at some of the best CS2 tips to win your games in 2024. Let’s learn more about what you can do to succeed.

Counter-Strike 2 is a fun game, there is no arguing that. A lot of people are playing for fun with friends, but we must address the elephant in the room and remind you that CS2 is also among the most competitive titles. People are going to extreme lengths to ensure they win as many games as possible, that’s why it’s time for our best CS2 tips that will help you win your games. 2024 arrived, and people want to start with a positive winning streak, so let’s dive in.

BEST CS2 Tips To Win Your Games (2024) – Basics

The tips you are about to see are based on our own experience and trial and error. We’ve been a part of the Counter-Stike scene since 2005, so it’s safe to say we have a lot of experience. With that said, let’s learn more about some of the best CS2 tips you can implement in 2024.

Do Not Overpeek

One of the most common issues we’ve found across all CS2 skill brackets is related to peeking. Whether you are doing it using bunny hop or just regular movement, you can often be “overpeeking”. This means that you are being too aggressive, and it usually does not end well. 

When talking about the best CS2 tips to win your games, one of the things to keep in mind is that overpeeking is never a good idea. While it is true that this is usually a problem when playing on the CT side, it can also be problematic when being a Terrorist. 

Learning how to peek is an art of its own that takes a lot of experience. Even high-ranked CS2 players make mistakes when peeking, but once you learn how to control this behavior, you will see a massive increase in your win rate.

There are many examples of overpeeking, but if you find yourself in such a situation, try to get back to your original position. There is no point in dying for no reason, so use the info you have and tell your teammates about how many players you’ve seen and things like that.

Use voice chat, even if it is annoying

One thing we’ve understood after playing Counter-Strike for so many years is that communication is essential. This is true for every competitive game, but the situation in CS2 is on a different level. Having good communication with your CS2 teammates can make a huge difference, and it is one of the reasons why you may not be winning your games. Therefore, one of the best CS2 tips to win your games is to use voice chat.

While this should not be a problem if you are playing with friends, talking to strangers in a game can be annoying. Despite that, we suggest doing it because this will increase your success rate significantly. Chances are that your opponents are not using voice chat either, so once you start communicating with your team, you should be able to increase your success rate.

Use the optimal settings

BEST CS2 Tips To Win Your Games (2024)

When talking about the best CS2 tips to win your games in 2024, one thing many people forget about is to check their settings. We can write many guides regarding the best CS2 settings to use, but everyone must decide what works best for him. Besides things like resolution and mouse sensitivity, you also need to check your DPI, zoom sensitivity, crosshair settings, and more.

Some players prefer to copy things like the shroud CS2 settings, but it is worth knowing that you may have to make changes to be successful. The fact that these options work well for a popular CS2 player does not mean that they will work for you. That’s why we do not recommend copying everything. Remember that there is no right or wrong, everyone is free to choose the best option.

Movement is everything

No matter if you take a look at a CS2 beginner guide or watch some of the best CS2 players in the world give their opinions about something, learning how to move is key if you want to win. That’s why this is one of the best CS2 tips to win your games, no matter your skill bracket. 

When talking about movement in CS2, there are tons of aspects to think about. Peeking is one of them, but we must also include jumping, walking versus running, jumping, and more. It is worth remembering that Counter-Strike 2 is among the most complex games out there, so you will have to spend a lot of time learning everything about the movement.

Try watching the best players in action

When talking about the top CS2 teams and players to watch, we’ve written several good articles about the names that stood out. Even though a lot of CS2 players think that watching those people is a waste of time, this can be one of the easiest ways of improving as a player. Sure, you can’t implement some of the things you see because they will only work in a competitive environment. However, you can take advantage of other things and use them to your advantage.

If you decide to follow a given professional player, pay special attention to everything he does. Monitor how he moves around the map, how he shoots, and most importantly, the nades he uses. Remember that Counter-Strike 2 is way more than just shooting, and learning how to use nades properly is one of the things that will allow you to improve a lot as a player.


Overall, these are some of the best CS2 tips to win your games in 2024, especially if you are fairly new. With that said, even players who’ve been a part of the game for some time often forget about some of the things mentioned here, so we hope it was worth reading.

BEST CS2 Tips To Win Your Games (2024)
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