Top 5 CS2 Players of 2023 REVEALED

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Top 5 CS2 Players of 2023 REVEALED

Have you wondered who the top 5 CS2 players of 2023 are? Well, we are about to reveal all of them, so let’s begin.

When talking about the best CS2 players of 2023, an important thing to know is that we can include a lot of different names. 2023 was an amazing year full of epic tournaments and moments, meaning we have numerous names that deserve to be on the list. However, after analyzing each of the top teams and their results, we can clearly see that some names are performing better than others.

2024 is upon us, and the CS2 2024 wishlist we made a few days ago highlights some of the things we expect to see from the game in the future. With that said, this article will be all about the top CS2 players, so let’s begin.

Top 5 CS Players of 2023 – Overview

Despite the fact that Counter-Strike 2 is a team-based game, there is no arguing that individual skills matter. Some players are just better than others and are more successful, which allows them to shine when playing. As mentioned, we’ve used our extensive experience to go through each event in 2023, so here are a couple of names that you should know.


Top 5 CS2 Players of 2023 REVEALED

Even though some people may not agree with all of the names in the best 5 CS2 players of 2023, there is no arguing that Mathieu “ZywOo” Harbaut needs to be first. The French CS2 superstar has been one of the most dominant names in the last couple of years, but 2023 was really special for him because he and Team Vitality have ripped through their competitors. No wonder Team Vitality is among the top CS2 teams of 2023.

ZywOo is one of those players that can win any round. He is famous for being one of the best aimers, as well as being one of the players who shine when it comes down to position. Despite not winning IEM Sydney 2023, ZywOo and his team made a comeback and grabbed the BLAST Premier Fall and BLAST Premier World Final. Needless to say, this player was one of the big reasons for his squad’s success, and he won the HLTV MVP award multiple times.

Considering a lot of people are looking for the ZywOo CS2 settings, we expect this player to continue to dominate in the future. We have what it takes to carry his team.


The second place on the list of the top CS2 players of 2023 goes to Ilya “mONESY” Osipov. The Russian CS2 superstar is one of those names that you hear time and time again, despite the fact that his team did not perform as well as expected. At the time of writing, mONESY is part of G2 Esports, a team that did not win that many events in 2023.

When you hear the word mONESY, the first thing that comes to mind is AWP. In fact, a lot of people consider him to be among the best AWP players in the world, and for a good reason. His aggressive playstyle carried G2 Esports more than once, even in matches where they had problems.

One of the things that makes mONESY such a popular name is his young age. Despite being a lot younger than most other top CS2 players of 2023, he had a key role in G2 Esports’ solid results in 2023. Sadly, the team ended the year without winning a single event.


Top 5 CS2 Players of 2023 REVEALED
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Considering we believe that FaZe Clan was the best team of 2023 in Counter-Strike 2, it’s no surprise that there are players from the team on this list. One of them is David “frozen” Čerňanský, a professional CS2 players who is famous for being one of the best rifles in the world. 

Despite his young age and the fact that he had to replace none other than Twistzz, frozen has exceeded expectations. His incredible aim and game-awareness were some of the reasons why FaZe Clan won so many tournaments in 2023. No wonder he is among the best 5 CS2 players of 2023.

Prior to joining FaZe Clan, frozen was a vital member of MOUZ. Sadly, he wasn’t able to achieve the results he wanted, resulting in a move to FaZe, which was definitely the better decision.


The next name from FaZe Clan that is also among the top 5 best CS2 players of 2023 is ropz. The Estonian player is also a rifler and many people in the CS2 community agree that he has some of the best mechanical skills in the world. In fact, some experts even consider him more mechanically gifted than the likes of s1mple.

What’s interesting about ropz is that he began his competitive career after being one of the best in matchmaking. In fact, his first tournament came in 2023 when he played at the IEM Sydney 2023. Interestingly, he also won the MVP award during the Thunderpick World Championship 2023, as well as the CS Asia Championship 2023.


The last name that we think deserves to be on the list of the top 5 CS2 players of 2023 is Spinx. Some of you ma disagree because there are other names that should also be here, but judging from what we’ve seen from the 23-year-old star, he definitely needs to be here.

Lotan “Spinx” Giladi is a well-known lurker who plays for Team Vitaly. He became a part of the team in 2022 and has had a key role since then. There were many rounds where things did not seem good for TV, but thanks to Spinx, the squad was able to bounce back and win. 

Before joining Team Vitality, Spinx played for C0ntract Gaming and ENCE. That said, he has been a part of TV for around 1 and a half years now, and it seems like the player will continue to have a key role in the squad. We’re yet to see his performance in 2024.

Top 5 CS2 Players of 2023 REVEALED
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