Best Allies for Razor in 7.32e

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Best Allies for Razor in 7.32e

Your Dota 2 teammates can choose these heroes to help Razor dominate his foes in the 7.32e update to win more matches.

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Razor has emerged as a top pick in Dota 2 matches with over a 48% win-rate in the last 30 days. He can make each game memorable by teaming up with a few heroes who can perform reliable actions during key moments in games to gain the upper hand in battles.

Razor – The Lightning Revenant

Razor hits multiple enemies with Plasma Field

Thousands of Dota 2 players choose Razor every day to get more kills in their matches. Razor is an Agility hero with a high projectile speed of 2000, letting him cast spells at the blink of an eye to punish his enemies during team fights. 

He can shock his enemies by using Plasma Field in lanes. Players can gradually increase the movement speed of Razor by leveling up Storm Surge throughout the game. The Agility hero can counter carry heroes in the enemy team by stealing their attack damage with Static Link. His ulti, Eye of the Storm, can strike nearby enemies to reduce their armor and deal up to 90 damage per second (DPS). 

Your friends can pick these heroes to assist Razor in getting more kills in the recent 7.32e patch for Dota 2. 


Sven stuns an enemy to help Razor

Sven can be an amazing tank hero who can distract his enemies in battles. He has a base health of 640, letting Sven hit enemy heroes in lanes without taking a considerable amount of damage. The melee hero can launch a Storm Hammer at his opponents to stun multiple enemy heroes in team fights. Enemy units affected by Storm Hammer take up to 320 damage and are stunned for 2 seconds, allowing Razor to hit heroes in the enemy team for easy kills. 

The Strength hero can activate Warcry to grant bonus movement speed of 22% and bonus armor of 15 for 9 seconds to allies like Razor. Sven can chase enemy heroes along with Razor by using Warcry in battles. Razor can use Plasma Field to slow the movement speed of enemies by 40% for 1.5 seconds. The Lightning Revenant can cast Static Link on enemies stunned by Sven to steal their attack damage. 

The right combo of God’s Strength and Eye of the Storm can mitigate enemy heroes within seconds. Sven’s ulti, God’s Strength, grants 200% increase in his attack damage that lasts for 35 seconds. The Strength hero can destroy enemy heroes with Razor on his team by activating God’s Strength during team fights. God’s Strength has a cooldown of 95 seconds. Allies can reduce the cooldown of God’s Strength by 15 seconds at level 15. 

People can buy a Satanic for Sven to increase his survivability. Satanic grants 30% Lifesteal to Sven against enemy heroes. Players can activate Satanic to increase Sven’s Lifesteal to 175% for 6 seconds. The item costs 5050 gold in the game. Satanic provides 38 attack damage and 25 Strength to Sven. Razor can let Sven initiate team fights by using a Blink Dagger or by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter in Dota 2 games. Razor can nuke enemy heroes with Plasma Field to weaken them before Sven can cast Storm Hammer on his opponents after blinking into battles. 


Necrophos uses his ulti to slay an enemy hero with Razor

Necrophos can be an invaluable asset to Razor in the 7.32e update. He can use Death Pulse to heal Razor and other allies in his team for 130 health per cast. Enemy units around Necrophos take up to 280 damage from Death Pulse. The low cooldown of Death Pulse lets Necrophos cast the ability several times
while pushing lanes. 

The Intelligence hero can become immune to physical attacks by using Ghost Shroud in team fights. Ghost Shroud prevents Necrophos from being attacked by enemies for up to 4.5 seconds and increases the heal to allies around him by 75%. People can purchase an Aether Lens for Necrophos to increase the cast range of his spells and items by 225. Necrophos also gains 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration by purchasing an Aether Lens. 

Players can cast Reaper’s Scythe while playing Necrophos to annihilate support heroes within seconds. Necrophos’ ulti, Reaper’s Scythe, deals 0.9 damage for every missing point of health in enemy heroes targeted by the spell. Many people find that Reaper’s Scythe can be used to counter tank heroes with high durability. Razor can activate Eye of the Storm to severely decrease the armor of tank heroes before they get hit by Reaper’s Scythe. 

Teammates can purchase a Dagon for Necrophos to deal 400 damage in an instant to enemy heroes. The item can be bought for 2700 gold in the game. Dagon can let Necrophos collect tons of gold from free kills in his matches. People can upgrade Dagon up to level 5 to deal a maximum of 800 damage to enemy heroes. 

Necrophos can increase his healing factors by purchasing a Guardian Greaves. The item will allow Necrophos to restore 350 health and 200 mana to Razor during crucial battles. Guardian Greaves will also provide 250 mana, 50 movement speed, and 4 armor to Necrophos, making the support hero more reliable in team fights to protect Razor. 


Lich releases Chain Frost to assist Razor in a team fight

Lich can cast several abilities to guard Razor in Dota 2 matches. He can cast Frost Shield on Razor to reduce the attack damage of surrounding enemy heroes by 60%. Lich can restrain the movement of his enemies by casting Sinister Gaze on them in lanes. Razor can use his ulti, Eye of the Storm, to pierce through the armor of enemy heroes disabled by Lich. Allies can purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter for Lich to turn Sinister Gaze into a spell that affects enemy units in a small radius. 

Once Lich casts Sinister Gaze on enemy heroes, Razor can cast Plasma Field to deal bonus damage to them. Lich can release his ulti, Chain Frost, to hit multiple enemies with an ice ball that deals 550 damage per bounce. Chain Frost can be used by Lich for up to 10 bounces. You can buy a Shiva’s Guard for Lich to cast Arctic Blast on nearby enemies, dealing 200 damage to them and slowing their movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds. Razor can easily use Static Link on enemy heroes slowed by Lich to increase the attack damage of the carry hero. 

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