Best Allies for Legion Commander In 7.33B Patch

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Best Allies for Legion Commander In 7.33B Patch

Legion Commander can count on these allies to help her own Dota 2 matches in the 7.33b patch. 

The New Frontiers map has brought Dota 2 to the global epicenter of esports. You can explore Universal heroes to give your team the right amount of attack damage to annihilate enemies in the online game. The 7.33b patch has provided tons of interactive features that make the game even better for its community of esports enthusiasts. 

Gamers can play 5v5 games with their squad to vanquish their opponents on an expanded map. It is filled with Watchers, Tormentors, runes, outposts, and 2 new homes for Roshan to let players find their sweet spot for earning more gold and experience throughout their matches. You can gather Lotuses from the Lotus Pools in the game to regain your health and mana between battles. 

Getting Kills with Duels is Easier with Legion Commander in 7.33b

Legion Commander attacks viper in the mid lane using Overwhelming Odds

Legion Commander has received major changes in the new update for Dota 2. She can now cast Overwhelming Odds during her Duels to increase her attack speed by 140 for 5 seconds. Overwhelming Odds no longer provides a movement speed boost to the melee hero. The magical spell can be cast on enemy units in a radius of 600, providing bonus damage per creep and hero that it comes into contact with. 

The carry hero can use Duel to fight an enemy hero head-to-head to claim bonus attack damage per kill. Legion Commander can gain up to 30 bonus damage with each kill while Duel is active. The duration of Duel lasts for 5.3 seconds in the 7.33b patch and has a cooldown of 50 seconds. You can destroy enemy creeps in the mid lane to unlock her ulti faster in Dota 2 games. 

Her ability, Press The Attack, now grants Legion Commander a bonus movement speed of 22%. She also gains 60 health regeneration per second for 5 seconds. You can cast Press The Attack on the carry hero to chase enemy heroes in lanes before casting Duel to deal the final blow to her enemies in battle. 

Take a look at the best allies your friends can choose to assist Legion Commander in the latest update.


Sniper lands a Headshot on Lion while teaming up with Legion Commander

Sniper is an Agility hero with several skills that can be used to attack enemy heroes from a safe distance. He has an attack range of 550 on his physical attacks. The ranged hero can gain a bonus attack range of 400 by leveling up the ability, Take Aim, to prevent getting killed during battles. 

Players can kill enemy creeps in the off lane with Sniper till Legion Commander can roam the map in search of kills. Sniper can purchase a few Wraith Bands to increase his attack speed in Dota 2 matches. Early game builds can help Sniper farm more gold in the off lane to weaken enemy heroes, making it much faster for Legion Commander to jump into battles for a successful Duel. 

Legion Commander can cast Press The Attack to charge toward an enemy hero while teaming up with Sniper. The ranged hero can use Shrapnel to slow enemy heroes by 30% in lanes, allowing Legion Commander to march onward till she can cast her ulti on her opponents. Shrapnel lasts for up to 10 seconds and deals 70 damage per second (DPS). Sniper can knockback his enemies by landing a Headshot on them. He can max out Headshot to deal up to 110 damage. Each attack from Sniper has a 40% chance to trigger a Headshot on enemy heroes. 

You can use a Harpoon for Legion Commander to pull enemy heroes closer to the carry hero. Legion Commander can launch a Harpoon at her opponents from a distance of 700 before casting her ulti. Sniper can deal 700 damage to enemy heroes from over 3000 distance by using Assassinate on them. 

Allies can purchase a Gleipnir for Sniper to gain 30 attack damage, 24 Intelligence, 14 Agility, and 14 Strength. Sniper gains a 30% chance to release a bolt of lightning that deals 160 damage to multiple enemies in his lane. He can cast Eternal Chains to root all enemies in a radius of 375 for 2 seconds using Gleipnir. Legion Commander can activate Overwhelming Odds on rooted enemies to gain bonus attack damage in team fights.  

Sniper can make a huge difference in battles by purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard. He gains a new ability, Concussive Grenade, by equipping an Aghanim’s Shard in Dota 2 matches. The damage dealt by Concussive Grenade has been increased from 25 to 200 in the 7.33b patch. Enemy units hit by a Concussive Grenade will be pushed back by a distance of 475, disarming them for up to 3 seconds. Legion Commander can win more Duels in her games by attacking disarmed enemies with her ulti to increase her damage output per hit. 

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight destroys an enemy tower with Legion Commander

Dragon Knight is a Strength hero with a base health of 582 and a base mana of 291. He can initiate battles by casting spells like Breathe Fire and Dragon Tail. Dragon Knight can mitigate enemy creeps in his lane by dealing up to 320 damage to them using Breathe Fire. The latest 7.33b patch lets Dragon Knight spray enemy heroes using Breathe Fire, affecting them with Corrosive Breath or Frost Breath while in his Elder Dragon form. 

The Strength gain for Dragon Knight has been increased from 3.4 to 3.6 in the updated version of the online game. The carry hero can stun enemy heroes with Dragon Tail to prevent them from attacking Legion Commander in battles. Enemy units hit by Dragon Tail will be stunned for up to 2.4 seconds, taking up to 160 damage from the magical spell. 

There are tons of neutrals that Dragon Knight can destroy throughout his matches to earn bonus gold. He can max out Dragon Blood to increase his health regeneration rate by 13 and his armor by 13. Dragon Knight can be a better tank hero against Ancient neutral creeps and Tormentors to kill them without taking a considerable amount of damage. 

Teammates can transform into his Elder Dragon form to gain a bonus attack range of 350 for 60 seconds. Dragon Knight can take down enemy towers along with Legion Commander within seconds while his Elder Dragon form is active. Legion Commander can cast Press The Attack to heal Dragon Knight during difficult battles in the 7.33b patch. 

He can buy a Satanic to gain Lifesteal on his physical attacks. Dragon Knight can regain 30% of his attack damage as Lifesteal by purchasing a Satanic in Dota 2 games. Satanic also provides up to 25 attack damage and 25 Strength to the carry hero. Dragon Knight can activate Unholy Rage to increase his Lifesteal from 30% to 175% for 6 seconds. 

Legion Commander can cast Duel frequently with Dragon Knight on her team to boost her attack damage. Dragon Knight can stun enemies before Legion Commander can use Duel to increase her chances of winning the battles. He can reduce the attack damage of enemy heroes by 30% for 11 seconds by using Breathe Fire, making him a close ally to Legion Commander. 

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