Best Allies for Anti-Mage in 7.32e

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Best Allies for Anti-Mage in 7.32e

You can get your teammates to choose these heroes to ally with Anti-Mage in the 7.32e update for Dota 2. 

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Carry heroes play an integral role in Dota 2 matches. These characters can reshape team fights and dish out massive amounts of damage with their attacks to annihilate their enemies. You can choose heroes like Anti-Mage, Chaos Knight, and Nature’s Prophet to dominate games and get quick kills for your team. Party members can choose heroes who can help carry heroes farm more gold to assist Anti-Mage in increasing his Killing Sprees to defeat their opponents for victory. 

Anti-Mage – A Celebrated Carry Hero in 7.32e

Anti-Mage enters a team fight in the mid lane

Anti-Mage is frequently chosen in Dota 2 matches for his ability to blink in and out of battles. He can farm faster in lanes with his attack speed to build his core items early in the game. The melee hero is among the fastest heroes in the new update, allowing players to chase their opponents across the map to get more kills
with Anti-Mage

You can max out Mana Break for Anti-Mage to burn a ton of mana while attacking enemy heroes. People can head to the safe lane with Anti-Mage to stay protected against early game ambushes from the enemy team. The safe lane will let Anti-Mage strike neutral creeps for bonus gold. You can also pick up Bounty runes near the safe lane to increase your gold per minute (GPM) with the carry hero. 

Playing with friends can help you win more matches in the online game. Anti-Mage can rely on a number of heroes to assist him in getting loads of kills throughout the match. Your allies can choose stunners to disable enemy heroes for a few seconds with their abilities, allowing Anti-Mage to slash them for bonus
damage per hit. 

Anti-Mage can counter most support heroes by activating Counterspell. He can reflect several spells targeted at him by using Counterspell in battles. The melee hero also gains increased magic resistance by leveling up Counterspell in Dota 2 matches. The 7.32e update for the massively multiplayer game has tweaked his ulti, Mana Void, to stun nearby enemy heroes with Anti-Mage. 

Take a look at the best allies your friends can pick in Dota 2 games to help Anti-Mage eliminate enemy heroes in the recent release of the 7.32e patch. 

Wraith King

Wraith King stuns his enemy to let Anti-Mage close in during the ambush

Wraith King is a sturdy tank hero in Dota 2. He has 640 health and 291 mana at the start of the game, giving him plenty of health to take considerable damage from enemy heroes in lanes. Wraith King can team up with Anti-Mage to mutilate his enemies in battles. 

With over 60 base attack damage, attacks from Wraith King can punish enemy heroes trying to get last hits on creeps. Wraith King gains 3 Strength per level, making him a reliable hero to start team fights. Anti-Mage can drain the mana of his opponents with his physical attacks in lanes to prevent them from using their spells against Wraith King. 

The Strength hero can cast Wraithfire Blast to stun enemy heroes for up to 2 seconds. Stunned enemy heroes can take a base damage of 120 and an additional 80 damage per second (DPS) for 2 seconds while having their movement speed slowed. Anti-Mage can activate Counterspell after the duration of the stun to avoid being hit by magical spells from his opponents. 

Wraith King can summon skeletons to push lanes further, allowing Anti-Mage to farm more gold from neutral creep camps. Anti-Mage can let Wraith King tank more damage from enemy attacks before blinking in to deliver devastating hits from his sharp blades. Wraith King can also deal bonus damage from his attacks by maxing out the passive ability, Mortal Strike. 

Allies can buy an Echo Sabre for Wraith King to slow enemy heroes during battles. Attacks from Anti-Mage can also decrease the movement speed of enemy heroes once their mana pool is depleted, allowing both the carry heroes to decimate their foes in team fights. Wraith King’s ulti lets the melee hero revive himself after being killed in combat. Teammates can Reincarnate with full health and mana while playing Wraith King, giving Anti-Mage adequate time to plan his escape
in Dota 2 matches. 


Axe tanks damage from enemy heroes to guard Anti-Mage in battle

Axe can be a valuable ally to Anti-Mage in the 7.32e update. People can buy a Blink Dagger for Axe to let him initiate team fights early in Dota 2 games. Axe has a base health of 700, making it hard to kill him at the start of a game. 

The Strength hero can use Berserker’s Call to force nearby enemy heroes to attack Axe for 3.2 seconds. Anti-Mage can freely strike his enemies while they are taunted by Axe. Berserker’s Call affects all enemy units around Axe in a radius of 300 and grants a bonus armor of 25 for the duration of the spell. 

Teammates can max out Counter Helix to return up to 180 damage per hit to enemy heroes. Counter Helix has a 20% chance to be triggered in battles at level 4. Axe can cast Battle Hunger on enemy heroes in lanes to slow their movement speed by 35% for 12 seconds. Anti-Mage can use Blink to close in on enemy heroes slowed by Axe to get frequent kills in his matches. 

Axe can annihilate enemy heroes using his ulti, Culling Blade, to deal 450 Pure damage to them. Allies around Axe gain up to 30% bonus movement after Axe kills an enemy hero with Culling Blade. Anti-Mage can use Mana Void to stun enemy heroes around him to eliminate the enemy team while partying with Axe. 

Allies can buy a Blade Mail for Axe to deal more damage to enemy heroes. Blade Mail can be activated to return up to 85% of incoming damage from enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. The item can be bought for 2100 gold in the game.  


Lion stuns an enemy hero using Earth Spike to help Anti-Mage

Lion is a support hero who can disable multiple enemies with his skills. He can nuke enemy heroes with Earth Spike to deal 260 damage to enemy heroes in front of him. Enemy units affected by Earth Spike are stunned for up to 2.6 seconds. 

Anti-Mage can level up faster in lanes with Lion in his team. Lion can drain the mana of his opponents using Mana Drain to empty their mana pools. Anti-Mage can also hit enemy heroes with the passive ability, Mana Break, to slow his foes in battles. 

The Intelligence hero can use Hex to turn enemy heroes into critters for 4 seconds. Enemy units affected by Hex will be unable to attack Anti-Mage or cast their spells on the carry hero, making Lion a reliable teammate in Dota 2 matches. Lion can hex multiple enemy heroes in a radius of 250 by reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree. 

Lion can deal over 850 damage to enemy heroes in an instant using Finger of Death. He can deal massive amounts of damage to his opponents with Finger of Death to harass enemy heroes while letting Anti-Mage farm more gold. Players can purchase an Aghanim’s Shard for Lion to increase the damage dealt by Finger of Death. It will also decrease the cooldown of his ulti from 40 seconds to 20 seconds, letting Lion cast Finger of Death more often during Dota 2 games. Anti-Mage can buy a Vanguard to regenerate his health to avoid going back to his base between battles. 

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