Battle Pass 2022 – How to Play Arc Warden in Diretide

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Battle Pass 2022 – How to Play Arc Warden in Diretide

Learn how to play Arc Warden in Dota 2 to win more Diretide matches with the Battle Pass 2022. 

Diretide is the new seasonal game mode that has been introduced to Dota 2. Gamers can play Diretide matches by purchasing the Battle Pass 2022 before January 12, 2023. You can attack Greevils and collect Taffy on the map in Diretide games. 

To win a Diretide match, you have to collect Taffy from Greevils and score them in the enemy wells. Roshan will scour the map to find the well with the most Taffy scored in it to destroy the well. Each team has to defend 4 wells from being destroyed by Roshan. The first team to have all their wells destroyed by Roshan will lose the Diretide match. 

You can play more Diretide matches to win bonus battle points with the Battle Pass 2022. The battle points gained from playing Diretide can help you unlock exclusive treasure chests. The Immortal Treasure II 2022, Battle Pass Collection 2022 Treasure, and the Ageless Heirlooms 2022 Treasure are among the rewards that can be unlocked. 

Dota 2 players can complete Weekly Quests by playing Diretide matches to earn bonus battle points. These Weekly Quests can be accomplished by people with the Battle Pass 2022 to receive stars that can be used to get thousands of battle points. 

Take a look at how to play Arc Warden in Diretide mode to win more matches with the Battle Pass 2022. 

How to Play Arc Warden in Diretide

Arc Warden scores Taffy in Diretide mode

Arc Warden is a primordial hero in Dota 2. He can use his increased attack speed to destroy Taffy Guardians protecting enemy wells in Diretide games. You can kill enemy heroes within seconds with Arc Warden and collect Taffy dropped by them on the map. Arc Warden can create a Tempest Double to attack more Greevils and gather dozens of Taffy. 

The carry hero has a maximum range of 625, letting him hit Greevils from a comfortable distance. He has an attack damage of 51 – 57, providing an adequate amount of damage to kill Greevils in Diretide matches. 

You can use Flux on enemy heroes while playing Arc Warden to decrease their movement speed. Flux deals up to 60 damage per second for up to 6 seconds. It has a cast range of 800. Enemy units affected by Flux have their movement speed slowed by 35%. Flux has a cooldown of 16 seconds and consumes 75 mana in the game. 

Arc Warden can cast Magnetic Field on any location on the map. Allies standing inside the Magnetic Field are guarded against attacks from enemies outside the field. Magnetic Fields last for up to 6.5 seconds and provides up to 80 attack speed bonus to Arc Warden and his allies. The ability has a cooldown of 20 seconds and requires 110 mana to be used. 

The ranged hero can place Spark Wraiths to defend wells in Diretide games. You can summon Spark Wraiths around Taffy Guardians to help secure wells from being destroyed by Roshan. Spark Wraiths will attack an enemy hero within a distance of 375. 

Arc Warden summons Spark Wraiths to defend his well in a Diretide match

It can take up to 2 seconds to summon a Spark Wraith. Enemy units hit by a Spark Wraith take up to 340 damage and are slowed by 0.7 seconds. Spark Wraiths can last for up 45 seconds. It has a cooldown of 4 seconds and needs 80 mana in the game. 

His ulti, Tempest Double, can be used to create an image of Arc Warden that can use all the spells and items of the Agility hero. A Tempest Double can last for up to 26 seconds. Arc Warden’s ulti has a cooldown of 40 seconds. You can use Tempest Doubles to destroy Taffy Guardians without being killed. Arc Warden can collect Taffy on the map till Taffy Guardians are decimated by the Tempest Double to score Taffy in the enemy wells. 

Items to Buy for Arc Warden in Diretide

Power Treads 

Power Treads can increase the movement speed and attack speed of Arc Warden. The Agility hero has a base movement speed of 285. You can purchase Power Treads for 1400 gold in the game. Power Treads provides Arc Warden with 45 movement speed and 25 attack speed. You can turn the primary attributes of Power Treads to Agility for an additional 10 attack speed. 

Manta Style

Arc Warden creates Mirror Images using Manta Style in Diretide mode

Manta Style can be an integral item for Arc Warden in Diretide mode. The ranged hero gains 26 Agility, 12 attack speed, 10 Strength, 10 Intelligence, and 8% movement speed by purchasing Manta Style in the game. 

Arc Warden can use Mirror Image by having Manta Style in his inventory. The carry hero can summon 2 images of himself using Mirror Image. These images can last for up to 20 seconds and deal 28% of his attack damage to enemy units, while taking up to 300% incoming damage. 

You can use Mirror Images to collect more Taffy by attacking multiple Greevils in Diretide mode. Mirror Images summoned by Manta Style can also be used to obliterate Taffy Guardians in the game. Make sure that these Mirror Images stay within Magnetic Fields to take reduced damage from enemy heroes and Taffy Guardians. Manta Style has a cooldown of 30 seconds and consumes 125 mana to be used. 


Butterfly is an item that can have a major impact on the outcome of battles while playing Arc Warden in Diretide matches. Arc Warden gains 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage by purchasing Butterfly. The item costs 4975 gold in the game. 

The increased evasion from Butterfly can help Arc Warden survive longer during battles. Arc Warden can use a combination of Flux and Spark Wraiths to slow down enemy heroes while attacking them with Butterfly equipped. 

Monkey King Bar

Monkey King Bar is an item that provides attack damage and attack speed to the Agility hero. Arc Warden gains 45 attack speed and 40 attack damage by purchasing Monkey King Bar in the game. Each hit from Arc Warden has an 80% chance to deal 70 bonus damage per hit. Monkey King Bar costs 4975 gold in the game. 

Assault Cuirass 

Assault Cuirass provides 30 attack speed and 10 armor to Arc Warden. The Agility hero gains Assault Aura with the item that increases the armor of allies by 5 and decreases the armor of enemy units by 5. Assault Aura has a radius of 1200 and grants an additional 30 attack speed bonus to allies. 


Arc Warden uses Gleipnir in Diretide mode

Gleipnir costs 6150 gold in the game. Arc Warden can use Gleipnir to root multiple enemies at once. The item lets Arc Warden use Eternal Chains to root all enemy units in a 450 radius for up to 2 seconds. Eternal Chains deal up to 220 damage to enemies. It has a cooldown of 18 seconds and consumes 200 mana. 

Arc Warden has a 30% chance to fry enemy units with an electric current that deals 160 damage. The electric current can bounce off of enemy units in a 650 radius. Gleipnir can be highly effective against Greevils in Diretide games. You can use Tempest Double to use Gleipnir twice in team fights.

Best Allies for Arc Warden in Diretide 


Bloodseeker is a carry hero who can silence enemy heroes and prevent them from escaping. Bloodseeker can apply Bloodrage on Arc Warden to provide bonus attack speed in Diretide mode. Arc Warden can gain 75 attack speed for 8 seconds while Bloodrage is active, letting Arc Warden tear down Greevils and Taffy Guardians. 

Allies can cast Blood Rite to silence enemy heroes. Enemy units affected by Blood Rite take 240 Pure damage and are silenced for up to 6 seconds. Blood Rite has a radius of 600. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 120 mana to be used. 

Bloodseeker can cast Rupture on enemy heroes after Arc Warden casts Flux on them. Rupture will deal 55% of the distance moved as Pure damage to enemy heroes in the game. It has a cooldown of 70 seconds and requires 200 mana. 

Arc Warden and Bloodseeker are among the strongest carry heroes in the game. You can cast Magnetic Field to shield Bloodseeker from ranged attacks during battles. 

Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit has a range of spells that he can use to make Arc Warden tougher to beat in Diretide mode. The melee hero can fight with Arc Warden to isolate enemy heroes on the map. He can quickly move into battles and silence his opponents to gain the upper hand. 

The Strength hero can use Rolling Boulder to initiate team fights. Rolling Boulder can be used to cover a distance of 750 in any direction. Enemy units hit by Rolling Boulder take 30 damage and are stunned for a second. The stun duration of Rolling Boulder increases with every Stone Remnant summoned around the area. Rolling Boulder has a cooldown of 4 seconds and consumes 50 mana. 

Allies can use Geomagnetic Grip to silence enemy heroes for 3.5 seconds. Silenced enemies take up to 200 damage. It has a cooldown of 13 seconds and requires 75 mana. Teammates playing Earth Spirit can increase the duration of silence by 3 seconds at level 20 through the Talent Tree. 

His ulti, Magnetize, can be used to deal up to 120 damage per second. Magentize has a duration of 6 seconds. Earth Spirit can reset the duration of Magnetize by summoning Stone Remnants around enemy units affected by Earth Spirit’s ulti. Magnetize has a cooldown of 80 seconds and consumes 100 mana. 

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