Apex Legends’ Players Call Out for ‘No Apex August’ Strike Amidst Game’s Broken State

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Apex Legends’ Players Call Out for ‘No Apex August’ Strike Amidst Game’s Broken State

Frustrated Apex players are going on a ‘No Apex August’ strike due to the broken, bug-filled state of the game.

Since the beginning of Season 13, the game has been riddled with multiple bugs and issues such as hit registration, and more recently, input lag faced by Xbox players on their controllers. In an effort to prompt a change, the Apex community on Twitter and Reddit are planning to schedule a boycott of the game in the month of August. The ‘No Apex August' movement aims to channel player outrage via a complete boycott. To voice player outrage, the movement aims to bring down the game's 1.5m active player base by 50%.

It all started a week ago on June 29 when Reddit user r/LaughingPrince made a Reddit post asking the community to pick a day for a strike and not play Apex during the entirety of the same. The post gathered 4.4k upvotes and spread all across Twitter, and YouTube, and began to develop into a movement.

Can we all pick a day to not play apex and strike? from apexlegends

With the recent update that locked out players from using their inventory after using a Replicator, combined with the broken servers and mismatched ranked placement, Apex fans are trying to find a course of action that will prompt the publisher to fix the glitches, exploits, and bugs within the game. Rather than including quality of life updates to resolve all bugs and exploits, Respawn has been pushing constant updates with new cosmetics and skin-lines.

With all of this, EA and developer Respawn Entertainment haven't addressed the movement nor responded to any concerns. With the movement gaining traction across all social platforms, it is still unclear whether the strike will make a large enough impact to prompt a change. Apex fans can, however, hope to see an improvement in the state of the game with Season 14 scheduled to drop at the start of August.

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