Apex Legends: Respawn Fixes Xbox Controller Input Lag With Latest Hotfix

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Apex Legends: Respawn Fixes Xbox Controller Input Lag With Latest Hotfix

Respawn Entertainment has finally deployed a hotfix to fix the game-breaking controller input lag faced by Xbox players in Apex Legends.


Xbox players, especially those with the Series X, have waited several weeks for Respawn to fix the input lag that caused them to lose matches in Apex Legends. After notifying the Apex community that the developers were investigating the issue through social media last week. Fans have been waiting for an update that fixes this issue, urging Respawn to focus on game-breaking bugs rather than pushing out new content.

After a July 1st update that fixed Loba's broken tactical, that was left as it is for almost 2 months. The game also introduced a host of other bugs that rendered many abilities useless and locked out players from accessing their in-game inventory. The Replicator bug that affected Valkyrie’s passive still remains unresolved, as Apex players urge the developer to address and fix the issue at their earliest.

After Patch 1.98 introduced a series of exciting content with the Awakening Collection Event, it also brought along a series of bugs, including issues with hit registration and the input lag issue that was finally fixed. The hit reg glitch still remains unresolved. However, The Xbox community on Reddit has been urging Respawn to extend the event for players to take advantage of it without the nasty input lag that stopped Apex fans from playing the game.

Through a Twitter post, Respawn Entertainment revealed that a hotfix was released on live servers. “We just pushed a small update to help address issues with input lag on Xbox Series X and S consoles,” said Respawn.

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Xbox players can finally rejoice as the hotfix is now live on Apex servers across all regions. The update has also fixed the input lag faced by players using Microsoft's Elite Gamepad.

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