Newest Apex Legends Update Breaks Replicators, Affects Abilities

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Newest Apex Legends Update Breaks Replicators, Affects Abilities

The latest Apex legends update breaks Valkyrie's jetpacks upon using a Replicator, affects Passive abilities, and more.

After the internet flooded with complaints from Apex fans regarding the heavy input lag on XBOX controllers, EA pushed out a minor 100MB update that fans thought would resolve the issue. Instead, with their latest hotfix, Respawn Entertainment deployed bug fixes for some XBOX players facing mic issues on some headsets, along with a fix for Loba's tactical, which failed on a specific Storm Point terrain. The update that followed Patch 1.99 also brought along a series of bugs that affected Valkyrie and other consumables and weapons.

Game Breaking Bug? from apexlegends

On the other hand, fans on the official Apex subreddit have complained that Valkyrie's passive becomes unusable upon using a Replicator. A Replicator in Apex Legends is a machine that enables players to craft ammo, weapons, medkits, and more using materials gathered during the match. Valkyrie is a recon Legend with a versatile kit that allows her to fly high grounds using her passive ability, VTOL Jets. Popular in ranked and casual play, her advantageous kit allows her to fire missiles too. Her passive also allows her to take flight and throw off other players using her jetpack. Besides facing issues with the Recon legends’ flight ability, some players have also been locked out of accessing their weapons and items. As showcased in the video above, Reddit user r/jarambejuice displayed the almost game-breaking bug that disabled Valkyrie for the player, after crafting items using the Replicator.

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However, as demonstrated by Lunatock, a workaround to this issue is to interact with a Replicator again and exit. While for some, it requires them to restart the game entirely and, in turn, abandon the match. There is still no official word from Respawn regarding a fix for this issue, but we expect them to release a hotfix for the same soon.

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