Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Teases Horizon Kit And Trident

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Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Teases Horizon Kit And Trident

Respawn Entertainment has teased Horizon’s kit, The Trident and Olympus in the latest trailer for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 7 is on its way as Respawn Entertainment announced basic information on what to expect in Ascension. However, the team behind Apex Legends has pushed out a trailer, which gives us a visualization of some of the features of Season 7.

Horizon’s Kit

Respawn Entertainment has not released information on what Horizon’s kit is in any written detail or preview. Although, the new trailer pretty much confirms that the data mining on Horizon’s kit is correct.

Horizon’s abilities feature the Gravity Lift, which is a throwable ability that sends Legends that pass through it into the sky. The trailer demos the ability as a tool that gets enemy players out of cover and into the air for her team to shoot at as they remain exposed in the air.

The ultimate ability also suggests that the Black Hole is indeed her ultimate ability. The trailer indicates that the Blackhole sucks enemies in its radius and brings them to the center of the ability. After a short while, the Black Hole can close and consumes those trapped in it. The trailer may exaggerate the ability a tiny bit as Pathfinder throws a grenade to close the Black Hole and kill the opposing team in the trailer. It seems doubtful that this is the live version of the ability, but at least there is an idea of what the ability is all about.

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However, the trailer doesn’t really make it clear what her passive or role is. There is more to uncover about Horizon, which makes waiting till November 4 that more interesting.

The Trident

Respawn Entertainment alluded to a new transport system coming to Season 7. The Trident was described as a way to get around the maps fit for the whole squad. Other than that, there was no information on the feature. Although, the trailer features a hoverbike-type vehicle, with a driver's cockpit, and two side seats that Legends can sit at and shoot from.

The Hoverbike features throughout the entire trailer, with multiple teams navigating the world of Olympus during a battle royale event on the planet. It would certainly suggest this is The Trident that Respawn teased as a feature in the Season 7 announcement.


We got ourselves a first look at the new map, Olympus. This map is as they said it is. A high rise city map where the rooftops are floating in the sky. The map is lush, filled with typical building architecture. But there are lush greeneries on the roofs, roads, bridges and architectural features of city life. The map is going to be a huge change of pace and design compared to King’s Canyon and World’s Edge, and that is a welcome change.

Season 7 – Ascension is due to release on November 4.

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