Apex Legends: Data Miners Discover Horizon’s Potential Kit For Season 7

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Apex Legends: Data Miners Discover Horizon’s Potential Kit For Season 7

Apex Legends has teased Horizon as the next Legend, and we now have more details on her potential abilities.

Apex Legends has broken the silence on Season 7 as they have been teasing the latest Legend coming to the game in Season 7. Horizon appears to be the next Legend joining the game through a mission the game. However, it is unknown what exactly she does.

Horizon was recently teased as the next playable Legend in Season 7 through an in-game mission. Initially, players were sent to the Firing Range to complete a series of challenges. When players completed the challenges, they were greeted with a trailer featuring Horizon, where she says she’ll be joining us in the Games.

With the tease, it seems Respawn Entertainment is getting ahead of the curve as they begin to build hype for  Season 7. Horizon has long since been data-mined as a playable legend for a while, with the likes of Ace and more as potential Legends. Horizon has had a character model for a while, with player cards and other unlockables in the game files.

Data miners find Horizon's abilities

A new data mine suggests how Horizon’s kit may function. STRUGHAL, a data miner, has posted three lines of text that could be the three abilities. These three abilities are Black Hole, Hard Landings and Gravity Lift.

We have an idea of how the Gravity Lift works, as players need to find the Gravity Lifts in the Wee Experiment Challenge. Perhaps this is a sneak preview of Horizon’s Grav Lift ability already in the game.

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The name Horizon combined with gravity abilities would suggest that she is all about movement, floating and landing. In addition, the Black Hole is likely an ultimate that could be some new AoE damage ability. Or it could be some sort of zone of control ability.

Final proof of horizon and her abilities. Her ability stat trackers found CREDIT TO STRUGHAL 😀 from ApexUncovered

Lore wise, Horizon seems to be some form of a scientist. She takes us with her experiments that reveal her gravity. She also has a drone that helps her with these experiments. There isn’t much to go off, but Respawn has given us enough breadcrumbs to come up with the idea that Horizon is going to play a key role in Season 7.

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