Apex Legends: Season 7 Map, Legend, Features Revealed

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Apex Legends: Season 7 Map, Legend, Features Revealed

Respawn Entertainment confirms Horizon and Olympus for Apex Legends’ seventh season.

Apex Legends is slowly moving into its ramp-up phase for Season 7, with Respawn Entertainment revealing teasers, content and more for the latest Apex Legends season – Ascension. With the latest announcement, we know that Season 7 is getting a new map, Legend and more.


Everything seemed to be pointing to Horizon as the Season 7 Legend. The Wee Experiment mission initially revealed her as the potential Legend, but Respawn Entertainment has since confirmed her.

Although, Respawn has not confirmed anything on her kit. The only thing we have to go off are recent data miners, that suggests what she may have. Her kit seems to paint her as some form of DPS Legends, with abilities designed for mobility and area-of-effect. Her abilities may involve gravity lifts, black holes and other science fiction as she is a scientist in lore after all.

Furthermore, Apex Legend’s Twitter account revealed more about her as a character. Horizon’s real name is Dr. Mary Somers, a Scottish sounding spacefaring scientist who has a child that she has not seen since traveling throughout space and time. Her homeworld is Olympus, which is another link to a planet with an increasing lore connection.


Respawn Entertainment keep teasing Olympus as a huge and important planet in the Titanfall 2 universe, so much so that it is now the new map. The map is supposed to be a lush city in the clouds, which suggests that the map is going to have lots of hazards as players try to avoid plummeting to the ground many miles under them.

Over the last few updates, we have seen the likes of Olympus play a role in the Revenant and Loba storyline, the crashed pilot in King’s Canyon, and now Horizon detailing she comes from Olympus. So much so that Olympus becoming a playable map seemed unavoidable.

The planet also has a connection with a UFO that is seen flying around in the game. A UFO  can be seen behind Airbase on King’s Canyon, and can be seen behind Overlook on World’s Edge. The UFO also has links to Olympus, as it is visible in a Loba teaser located in Olympus. Perhaps the UFO is a science vessel observing World’s Edge and King’s Canyon?

Regardless, players are seeking a new competitive map to replace King’s Canyon. Some players like CLG’s NiceWigg suggest that the map is no longer competitive because players know the map inside and out and how to play it. Olympus is going to be huge for the player base as it comes at a good time competitively and in the game’s lifecycle.

A Vehicle?

Apex Legends looks like it is getting its first-ever vehicle. The Trident is a feature of the new Season, which has been described as enough room for the whole squad. Perhaps it is a car, or something completely different. Either way, it seems very interesting that Apex is getting some form of transport that isn’t the train that circles around World’s Edge.

Other features

With every new season comes interesting features. Season 7 is set to launch on Steam, along with a new Club feature that allows players to find like-minded friends. The new season also comes with the usual new Battle Pass, Ranked Season and more

Respawn Entertainment also announced the new season is coming on November 4, as the game’s Steam page indicates.

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